10 Atkins Diet Menu Ideas

Whether you're in the induction phase of the Aktins Diet or you're well into ongoing weight-loss (OWL), this list of 10 Atkins diet menu ideas will help to put a little variety back into your diet. In order to be successful on the Atkins Diet, you'll need to find a few low-carb meals, snacks and desserts that you like. Read through the list of 10 Atkins diet menu ideas below and incorporate some of these dishes into your daily meal plan.

  1. Crustless quiche. Start off by beating about six eggs in a large bowl. Add a splash of cream. Chop spinach (or broccoli), mushrooms and a half an onion. Pour the egg mixture in a casserole dish or pie pan. Add the chopped vegetables and add a layer of either Swiss or cheddar cheese. Pop this into the oven and bake at 350 degrees until the eggs are cooked and the cheese is melted. Take the quiche out and allow it to cool to room temperature. Cut in slices and enjoy.
  2. Mock mashed potatoes. A substitute for mashed potatoes can be made with cauliflower. Steam a handful of cauliflower heads. When they are soft enough, mash the cauliflower and add a splash of heavy cream and salt to taste. Finely shredded cheddar cheese adds a thick, creamy consistency.
  3. Sugar-free parfait. This makes for a delicious low-carb desert. To make one, layer whipped cream and sugar-free Jell-O in a parfait glass.
  4. Low-carb bacon and egg salad wraps. A low-carb whole wheat wrap can be used to make a yummy lunch on-the-go. Whip up a quick egg salad with hard-boiled eggs, mayonnaise, paprika, parsley, celery, onion, salt and pepper. Place a few romaine lettuce leaves on the wrap, layer strips of bacon and top off with a serving of egg salad. Fold the wrap and secure with a napkin or aluminum foil.
  5. Western omelet and country sausage. For breakfast, make an omelet with onions, peppers, ham, sausage and cheese. You can either have your country sausage on the side or in the omelet. Just be sure to check the amount of carbohydrates in pre-packaged sausage as found in your grocer's freezer.
  6. Steak and feta salad. The Atkins Diet allows you to get creative with salad. This hearty alternative to a plain salad with iceberg lettuce calls for curly endive (or your favorite salad greens), strips of steak, red onion and fresh feta cheese. Top it off with your favorite salad dressing.
  7. Buffalo wings. Is there a better diet than one that allows you to eat Buffalo wings? These are perfectly acceptable on the Atkins Diet. Be sure to check if the wings are not breaded. Opt for those with just a coating of hot sauce or make your own. Eat these with a stack of crisp celery and a side of blue cheese.
  8. Low-carb quesadillas. You can make low-carb quesadillas with a low-carb whole wheat wrap. Place a teaspoon of butter in a frying pan and heat on medium. Add the wrap to the pan and let it get bubbly and crisp as you fry it in the butter. Lower the heat and add a layer of cheddar or a Mexican mix or shredded cheese on your mock tortilla. Fold in half (or add another wrap prepared in the same way). Cut the quesadilla in triangles and serve with sour cream, guacamole or salsa.
  9. Mock ice cream sundae. This is a quick fix for a sweet tooth. Take a no-sugar added chocolate like Russell Stovers sugar-free peanut butter cups and microwave in a small bowl or cup until melted. Mix the melted sugar-free candy with whipped cream. Sprinkle with crushed peanuts and enjoy.
  10. Chicken cutlets parmesan. Breaded chicken cutlets may include too many carbs for an Atkins menu, but you can make them without the breadcrumbs. To do this, mix grated Parmesan cheese with parsley and cracked pepper. Dip the chicken strips or pounded cutlets in egg and coat with the Parmesan mixture. Bake at 350 degrees or fry in oil until fully cooked. The Parmesan cheese will make a crispy and tasty coating.
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