10 Aztec Tattoo Ideas

If you want to express your Mexican identity through skin art, here are 10 Aztec Tattoo ideas. Tattoos can be any place on the body, with the most common place being the arm and the back. 

  1. Calendar tattoo. Aztec calendars are represented by facial features and each calendar month is represented by a creature. The creatures are believed to have mythical and spiritual properties.
  2. Sun. In Aztec culture, the sun or Uitzilopochtle represents creative potential. The sun also has many other roles, their calendar centered on the sun, the sun is a God of War symbol. The sun can be etched in different color combinations and done in an intricate pattern of line ray designs and have a face in the center if desired.
  3. Warrior tattoo. Aztec warriors have always been known for their courage and fearlessness. Having an Aztec warrior symbolizes a soul’s journey from humanity to the after-life. The warrior tattoo is sometimes made with animal motifs like eagle as it is believed that the warrior takes his strength from the eagle.
  4. Animal Motif. Most Aztec drawings are geometrical in shape with the heads in rectangular shape and linear pattern. This also fits perfectly as a tattoo design. Animal motifs like jaguar, lizard, snake and eagle are tattooed in Aztec style to represent one’s personality like fertility or energy.
  5. Feathered Serpent or the Quetzalcoatl. The serpent in the Aztec tattoo idea can take shape as a whole or just the head with a human body etc. According to Aztec culture, Quetzalcoatl represents wind, creativity, wisdom and priesthood. Coatlicue is also another snake print in Aztec culture. This is the Mother of Gods and thus has a very powerful image. In Aztec culture Coatlicue is a patron of women who died during childbirth. She represents fertility, life, death, war and the sun. A Coatlicue tattoo would have a writhing skirt of snakes which the artists skillfully create into a memorabilia of birth and death.
  6. Tezcatlipoca is a warrior god of the Aztecs. The tattoo design of this warrior generally has a fierce face with the tongue sticking out.
  7. Shaman Wheel is related to religion and war. The tattoo design is filled with spirit animal figures who guide the Shaman through quests and journeys of the other world
  8. Warrior Arm Band is generally a multi-colored tattoo with a step and wave design. The warrior band signifies courage, strength and perseverance.
  9. Shields are tattooed in the shape of heavy discs fringed around the edges. More complex designs of this tattoo will have the sun and extend to all parts of the body.
  10. Aztec Women tattoo. The Aztec women image dressed in elaborate headgear of feathers is a popular tattoo design amongst men. It is generally etched on broad arms or backs.
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