10 Bachelor Party Tips

A bachelor party is a rite of passage for any man getting married, and usually the responsibility of the best man to plan, so here are 10 bachelor party tips. Bachelor parties are well known for being wild blow outs. A sort of fare-thee-well to the groom's "freedom" if you will. Be sure to keep these tips in mind when planning the bachelor party for the groom in your life.

  1. Consult with the groom about what he would like. Remember, this is the groom's party, not yours. If he's a usually reserved sort of person, don't try to force a big bash on him that he won't enjoy. Keep his interests in mind when planning the bachelor party.
  2. Check with the bride to see if there are any explicit no-no's. If there are any activities that the bride is very much against, respect that. If something happens and she winds up calling off the wedding, you'll feel pretty bad about it. And, your buddy won't be exactly thrilled with you, either.
  3. Make a budget and then keep to it. Bachelor parties can get very expensive very quickly. Between yourself and the groomsmen, it is more than possible to make a budget and stick to it. Avoid asking the groom to pitch in, as that would be just plain tacky.
  4. Leave the cameras at home. While bringing a camera along to capture the memories may seem like a great idea at the time, having photographic evidence may wind up backfiring on you. The last thing you want is the bride getting a hold of photos of her groom with his face buried in a stripper's cleavage. 
  5. If going to a strip club, check to see if they do bachelor parties. If a strip club is in your plans for the evening, check around to see if any of the strip clubs in your areas offer bachelor party deals. Some do, but some are leery of having bachelor parties in their clubs.
  6. If you're hiring your own entertainment, check your venue's policy on adult entertainment. If you decide to hire your own entertainment for the evening, it's a good idea to see if any of the strippers you're considering offer package deals for bachelor parties. If you're renting a hotel room, or something similar, for the night, check with the management before you bring any strippers in. You don't want your party getting shut down prematurely.
  7. Don't schedule the bachelor party for the night before the wedding. The stereotypical bachelor party is held on the night before the wedding. In all actuality, that is a horrible idea. The bride will be livid if her groom and all of his attendants are too hungover to function on the wedding day.
  8. Arrange reliable transportation beforehand. If drinking heavily is going to part of your game plan for the night, driving yourselves is one of the absolute worst ideas you could possibly have. Taxis are always an option. If there are six or more guys taking part in the bachelor party, it's probably going to be cheaper to rent a limo for the evening. The same also applies for a party bus. Renting a limo or party bus will also prove useful if there are multiple destinations throughout your night.
  9. Don't get arrested. While not getting arrested will probably seem like a given, many a bachelor party has been ruined due to one or more party goers landing themselves in police custody. Not getting arrested is fairly simple. Don't drink and drive. Illegal substances are a no-no. While strippers are perfectly acceptable, prostitutes are not. In short, use your common sense.
  10. Don't let the groom make any big mistakes. The groom may be all set to hook up with a pretty girl at the bar, or one of the strippers. But it's your job to put a stop to it before anything happens. He may be upset with you at the time, but he'll thank you in the morning once he sobers up. Ten minutes of pleasure with a pretty stranger isn't worth ruining the life he's supposed to start with his wife-to-be.
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