10 Bad Actors With Bad Habits

There are always bad actors with bad habits in the news. It seems that for these 10 bad actors, bad habits keep them in the limelight as much as, if not more than, their movie roles. Here's our list of 10 Bad Actors with Bad Habits.

  1. Robert Downey Junior.  Although he's not recently been in trouble with the law, Robert Downey makes our list of bad actors because of his multiple arrests for numerous offenses.
  2. Charlie Sheen. Charlie Sheen could appear on the bad actors and bad habits list for any number of things, but he was most recently arrested for threatening his new wife with a knife on Christmas day, 2009.
  3. Snoop Dogg. Though he may not be known for his bad acting, he is well known for his bad habits. Snoop Dogg was arrested in 2006 for illegal gun and drug possession, in 1993 for gun charges, 1990 for cocaine possession and in 1996 for murder charges.
  4.  Mickey Rouke. This bad actor was doing a bad thing on a scooter. He was pulled over and arrested for driving on the influence on a scooter. He's since made a comeback in his acting career, but he's still rumoured to have those bad habits.
  5. Lindsay Lohan. Lindsay went from the sweet faced cutie in the "Parent Trap" remake to the pale-faced bad actor in 2007, when she was arrested for suspicion of driving under the influence in her 2005 Mercedes on Sunset Blvd.
  6. Michelle Rodriguez. The "Lost" star was arrested in 2006 for DUI in Hawaii while filming the show. The bad actor's bad habit also resulted in previous arrests in 2003 for a hit and run as well as another DUI.
  7. Gary Coleman. The bad actor's most recent run-in with the law stems from a January 2010 arrest for domestic assault against his then wife. Prior to that, he was arrested in July of 2009 for assault against the same woman.
  8. Rip Torn. Rip was pulled over for drunk driving after his car crashed into a tractor trailer and he refused to take a breathalyzer on the scene.
  9. Nick Nolte.  This bad actor's bad habit included drinking and driving. He was arrested for driving under the influence and it was later discovered that he had traces of GHB–the date rape drug–in his system  as well.
  10. ZaZa Gabor. ZaZa makes the 10 bad actors list because of her infamous arrest back in 1989. She was pulled over for an expired license and registration. Apparently the officer took too long to find her information for her taste so ZaZa drove off. She was subsequently pulled over a second time and got annoyed and slapped the officer. She was then arrested for assault and driving with an open container.
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