10 Bad Pickup Lines

Here before you are the 10 bad pickup lines that are so bad they may actually work. Never in the history of mankind has a pickup line worked. Okay maybe sometimes they work, but only usually when coupled with smoldering good looks or fat wallets. Women don’t want to hear them and men don’t want to say them.  If you feel the need to use one, make sure it’s so bad that it becomes good again.

  1. “Hi, my friends call me Laser because I’m so focused. I also work at a company that manufactures and sells industrial strength lasers.”  Girls like a guy they perceive to be a nerd. Saying this doesn’t make you a nerd, but it does make them think you may have been a nerd at one time. Either way, the randomness of this bad pickup line will catch them off guard. This moment of confusion is when you introduce your real, normal self. 
  2. “My uncle owns three rather large car dealerships.” If you’re going to lie about your family, it’s always best to make it an awkward lie. This one may actually be the worst pickup line in history because no self-respecting woman has ever or would ever drop her panties after hearing this one.
  3. “Baby, you’re like a math book. You’ve got a lot of problems but when I look in the back of you I can solve the odd ones.” Make sure to follow that with a huge wink otherwise it won’t work. Even if you wink, it still may not work, but it will at least get the conversation started.
  4. “All the other girls in this bar look like they have shitty fathers. Wanna dance?” What’s sexier than being told you look like you come from a good family? Nothing! And everyone knows how competitive girls are with other girls. This bad pickup line compliments your target, while at the same time insulting all the other girls surrounding. Chicks love that. Trust.
  5. Guy: “Is that a mirror in your pocket?” Girl: “No, why?” Guy: (Sad) “Never mind then. Can I buy you a drink?” Just a fun spin on a classic. You can do this with any pickup line as long as it’s one a majority of the public will know.
  6. “I’ve been to the great the great wall of VaChina twice… and respected each time.”  Use it with caution. This bad pickup line might actually cause some drinks to be thrown. Be prepared for that. If you're going to use this pickup line, don't wear white and wear clothing that is
  7. “Oh man, I just heard about World War II. Those Nazi’s were a bunch of dicks huh?” In our opinion this might just be the best bad pickup line in the history of worst pickup lines. Bad pickup lines, if anything, are always good conversation starters. And what a conversation this one will start.
  8.  “I have a time machine so if you regret anything that happens by the end of the night you can just go back in time and it will have never happened. But if we go back too far we may have an adventure and find that through our trials, we have bonded and are, in fact, destined to be together.” This bad pickup line speaks for itself.
  9.  “You’ve got a face, I’ve got a face. We’re perfect for each other! – Note:  Make sure you say this to a girl with a face.
  10. “You remind me of Joan of Arc without the whole getting burned at the stake thing.” This is just classy. They’ll be confused just long enough for you to get your foot in the door.

Now that you've got an arsenal of bad pickup lines, it's time to spit some horrible game in hopes of getting laid. Now go forth in confidence!


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