10 Bald Actors

Being bald doesn’t mean you can’t act on TV, the big screen or the stage, consider these 10 bald actors. They have talent and good looks just like many other actors, which mean they can play leading men. All they don’t have is hair.

  1. Sean Connery:  Sean Connery is known for his acting ability and his good looks. He is a well known action star, known for his playing the character of Bond.
  2. Bruce Willis:  We loved him when he starred in Moonlighting. We were in awe when he married Demi Moore. We were still in love with him when he began his movie career, became daddy and got divorced.
  3. Jack Nicholsosn: Jack is a three time winner of The Academy Award. He is known for such movies as:  ‘The Shining’, ‘Chinatown’, ‘One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest’, and ‘Batman’.
  4. Vin Diesel:  This well buffed actor appears in many action movies.
  5. Michael Chiklis: Michael is an Emmy and Golden Globe winning actor who starred in such popular television shows as ‘The Commish’ and ‘The Shield’. He also played the character of The Thing in the movie ‘The Fantastic Four’.
  6. Samuel L. Jackson:  Samuel starred in a number of high grossing films including ‘Jumper’.
  7. Stanley Tucci:  Stanley Tucci is an Emmy Award winner, a Golden Globe winner and was nominated for a Toney Award. He began his career on Broadway in 1982. He also worked in television starring briefly on the series ‘Monk’ and gaining a pivotal role on ‘ER’.
  8. Corbin Bernsen:  Corbin is a noted television actor who starred in the popular television show ‘LA Law’.  Presently, he stars on the television show ‘Psych.’
  9. Jason Statham:  This British actor recently starred in the popular movie The Bank Job.
  10. Kevin Spacey: Kevin is an Academy Award Winner, a Golden Globe Winner, and a Winner of the prestigious Emmy Award. He is noted for such movies as:  ‘American Beauty’, ‘Seven’, and ‘Pay It Forward’.
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