10 Ballads About How Men Treat Women

When you're feeling a bit mistreated yourself, sometimes it helps to listen to these 10 ballads about how men treat women. These songs are typically about mistreatment, but some of them can be about being treated very well. Different songs fit different moods; what you'll like depends on your circumstances, mood and what you cheers you up. Check out these ten songs to see which ones are a fit for your own play lists.

  1. "You Were Always on My Mind" Performed most famously by Elvis Presley, this song is a beautiful ballad sung by a man who admits to mistreating the woman he loves. He knows he wasn't there for her, yet she was always on his mind.
  2. "The Last Time" Performed by the Eurythmics, this is a powerful song about drawing the line when a man treats you badly. The song tells of how badly the man has treated her, using analogies such as, "You have come to take the roses to give to other girls." The song is about all the last time that he will ever do anything wrong to her. It was used on the soundtrack of the film "Outrageous Fortune" and played over the ending credits.
  3. "Irreplaceable" Performed by Beyoncee, "Irreplaceable" speaks of a man disrespecting a woman by cheating on her, yet mistakenly thinking that he's irreplaceable. The singer quickly puts him in his place and highlights his misdeeds, which include driving his mistress around in the car the singer bought for him. She warns him, "I can find another you in a minute. Don't you ever get to thinking that you're irreplaceable."
  4. "I'm Your Man" Performed by Leonard Cohen, this is a delightful ballad about a man treating a woman well. He's willing to do anything for her to be her man. With his haunting, deep voice and fun, playful lyrics, this song is a winner. It's been used in movies and as a theme for ice skaters. It's seen great success, and it's one of those songs that you'll want to listen to on repeat.
  5. "Independence Day" Performed by Martina McBride, this song tells the story of extremes. A man has treated a woman so badly that she thinks that the only solution is to set the house on fire with both of them inside. The song is sung from the perspective of the daughter who was caught in the mess, with such lyrics as, "She tried to pretend he wasn't drinking again, but Daddy left the proof on her cheek." It's a song that you won't soon forget.
  6. "Torn" Performed by Natalie Imbruglia, this song put the singer on the map, as it was a big hit. It tells the story of a woman who regrets a relationship where she was mistreated, as she muses, "I should've seen just what was there and not some holy light."
  7. "With You" This song, performed by Jessica Simpson, tells the story of a woman who is treated right by the man in her life. He makes her feel so comfortable that she can just be herself. The lyrics include, "I can do anything crazy. I know you'll catch me right before I hit the ground."
  8. "The Freshmen" Performed by the Verve Pipe, this is a really haunting tale of a man's neglect and mistreatment of a woman. Reflecting on a woman who has committed suicide, the singer realizes his mistakes.
  9. "Get Out" Performed by Olivia Newton-John, this song is a bold, fun, empowering ballad about a woman who won't stand for being treated negatively any longer. She declared, "Get out if you can't take it. Humble pie is one thing I won't eat."
  10. "When a Man Loves a Woman" Performed by Percy Sledge, this is a song about how you treat the one you love. It's a song from a man's perspective about what a man should do when he loves a woman and how he is inspired to treat her by that love.
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