10 Ballads About Life

It's hard to narrow down ten ballads about life. Ballads speak of so many things including love, life, and heartbreak. Some talk about all three and more.

  1. "I Don't Want to Miss a Thing," by Aerosmith. This familiar rock ballad talks about seizing every moment in life with that special someone. It talks about not taking any moment for granted, even watching and listening to your partner breath. It was made famous in the movie "Armageddon." 
  2. "Patience," by Guns N' Roses. Patience is a ballad that describes one of the most important aspects of life in relationships, having patience with each other.
  3.  "18 and Life," by Skid Row. This song probably has one of the darkest themes around. It's a story of a very angry young man who kills another young man and the life of solitude he'll live because of it.
  4. "Every Rose Has Its Thorn," by Poison. Every good thing in life has its problems. That point is illustrated in this famous ballad about life.
  5. "Bed of Roses," by Bon Jovi. This ballad speaks of one of the better aspects in life, making love. It's a very romantic song, sure to strike people who listen to it into the mood.
  6. "Don't Close Your Eyes," by Kix. Here we go again with another dark ballad about life. This song talks about the suicide of a friend.
  7. "Alone," by Heart. Loneliness is something most people do not enjoy. This song reflects on being alone, but wanting so badly to be with someone. Knowing how to tell a person you love them can sometimes be very difficult.
  8. "Faithfully," by Journey. Most people in life look for that person who will be faithful to them. This song illustrates a man's undying love for a woman and his promise to be faithful to her until the end.
  9. "Love of a Lifetime," by Firehouse. The man in this song finds love in his life, and believes it will last a lifetime. This song has always been a popular wedding song.
  10. "Is This Love," by Whitesnake. We all wonder in life, if what we're feeling is real. Is it love, or just a feeling? Sometimes it's very hard to distinguish between the two.
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