10 Bands Like 311

Are you looking for 10 bands like 311? Well, that's just awesome because this article will provide you will 10 bands like 311 voted by various users on the world wide web. 311 has an amazing sound of punk rock, reggae, and skater grunge that fit together perfectly. However, there aren't many bands like 311 to choose from. Most of the bands like 311 are underground and not very well known, until today.

  1. Sublime. Not only is Sublime one of the best bands ever, but Sublime is also a lot like 311. Their sound is similar with a funky reggae beat with uplifting and racy lyrics that it their band an edge. If you like 311, you will equally like Sublime.
  2. Sugar Ray. With funky undertones and fun lyrics, Sugar Ray is a lot like 311. Most bands seem to have a serious feel, while Sugar Ray is still fun and free, which symbolizes 311. Sugar Ray also has many funky beats and rhymes to put you in the mood for music.
  3. 2 Skinnee J's. If you are looking for a band like 311, look no further. This band simply took over the same funky beats, rhymes and lyrics as 311 only they sound slightly different. It's a great comparison.
  4. Crazy Town. If you are looking for bands like 311, but with a bit more real lyrics, Crazy Town will fit your needs. Shifty is a great fun free rapper, and the rest of the band will supply the sound and rhythm for you.
  5. The Bloodhound Gang. This was another popular band from the 90's much like 311. Their sound is unique but funky fresh just like 311. The sounds are good, the lyrics are funny, and it's great to jam out to.
  6. Incubus. Not only does this band sound like 311, but this band has an amazing talent of their own. Incubus has millions of fans and they are growing everyday. All you need to do is pop in one song and you're hooked.
  7. Muse. Muse has been around for a very long time, but not many people know about them. It wasn't until they became popular with the Twilight movies, did people really take notice, except for true fans. Their sound is unique, funky and freak with a bit a skater-pop in between.
  8. Lostprophets. These guys are great and very talented. They have the same feel as 311, but with a bit more of a rock-ish edge. They have a funky reggae sound to much of their music sure to fit your needs.
  9. The Urge. This band has a lot of talent and a great deal of music to choose from. While not all of their music sounds exactly like 311, they have the same feel. It's a great alternative but still the root of the music 311 performs.
  10. Smash Mouth. With fun songs and great beats, Smash Mouth takes one of the spots for bands like 311. Not only will you find great music, but you'll find meaningful yet witty lyrics.
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