10 Bands Like Metallica

If you’re looking for 10 bands like Metallica, what you’re really after are the foundational bands of the thrash music movement, along with a few followers and predecessors. Thrash was basically invented in the early 1980s, and it was inspired by music from the new wave of British Heavy metal. There are several crucial bands like Metallica in the genre, and all of them play very loud and aggressive music.

  1. At the top of the list is Megadeth, who are probably the best of the bands like Metallica, and perhaps the most popular group on this list after Metallica themselves. The band was founded by Dave Mustaine, who was a former member of Metallica, and there are definite similarities between the sounds of the two bands, along with a few differences. If you like Metallica, you’ll probably like Megadeth as well, and you may actually like them even more.
  2. If you enjoy bands like Metallica, but you’re looking for something darker and heavier, you might like Slayer. Their music is much more severe, and they can be faster than Metallica, but they’re definitely in the same general ballpark musically.
  3. Most of the bands like Metallica that helped start the thrash movement were based on the west coast of the United States, but Anthrax was different. They’re an east coast band, with a definite east coast sensibility, but their music rocks just as hard.
  4. Out of all the bands like Metallica on this list, the most critically underrated is probably Testament. They had moments where their popularity almost went into the stratosphere, but for the most part, they were only popular behind the scenes. Their guitarist, Alex Skolnick might be the most technically accomplished thrash guitarist of his time, with the possible exception of Marty Friedman who played with Megadeth
  5. Exodus was one of the founding bands of the thrash movement, and they sound a lot like Metallica. Their music isn’t as consistent as some of the more well-known bands, but when they get it right, their music is enjoyable and definitely worth hearing.
  6. Sepultura came a little after Metallica and their music is much heavier. Even though it’s a little different, if you like Metallica, you’ll probably like their music as well.
  7. Diamond Head was one of Metallica’s main influences. They were one of the main bands from the British New Wave of Heavy Metal movement, and their music isn’t as heavy as Metallica, but it has similarities.
  8. Voivod has a much thicker and grungier sound than Metallica, but the music is similarly aggressive and sophisticated. Fans who like Metallica can probably find a place in their hearts for Voivod.
  9. Pantera has almost a boogie-metal sound, and they have a slightly different vibe than Metallica, but they are also very much like Metallica in many ways. The music is heavy and aggressive, and the musicianship is absolutely top notch.
  10. Motörhead was another band that strongly influenced Metallica, and made a big mark on the British late 1970s metal scene. Their music is very heavy, and it has a similar attitude to a lot of Metallica’s better stuff. 
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