10 Bands Like MGMT

If you love to dance and you like the band MGMT, you don't want to miss these 10 bands like MGMT.  Whether you're a fan of electro-pop, freak funk or just enjoy some great dance tunes, these are the cream of the crop.  Slap on some headphones or crank up the speakers and get ready to enjoy these 10 bands like MGMT.

  1. Klaxons. Inspired by the UK rave movement of the 80's and 90's, the Klaxons consider themselves a "nu-rave" band, mixing great rock tunes with rave and dance music. If you like bands like MGMT, you may want to give a listen to their songs "Golden Skans" or "It's Not Over Yet."
  2. Vampire Weekend. If you're looking for great bands like MGMT, you'll certainly want to give Vampire Weekend a listen. This NYC band combines a mix of upbeat indie rock with Afro-pop rhythms, creating great music with infectious beats and high-brow lyrics. "Oxford Comma" was an early release but remains popular even years later. 
  3. Empire of the Sun. Even Australia's produced some great bands like MGMT recently. A good example of this would be the electro-glam/pop duo, Empire of the Sun. A cooperative work from Luke Steel (Sleepy Jacksons) and Nick Littlemore (Pnau), Empire of the Sun's videos may be a little on the strange side, but their music is great for dancing.
  4. The Strokes. Inspired by talents like Buddy Holly, John Lennon and the Velvet Underground, the members of the Strokes met while attending a private prep school in Manhattan. Paving the way for many bands like MGMT, they are popular on both the US and UK music charts.
  5. Passion Pit. Amusingly, Passion Pit started out as a one-man project to produce a Valentine's Day gift for singer/songwriter Michael Angelakos' girlfriend. When others heard his music, however, it quickly caught on. If you like MGMT, you'll definitely want to give Passion Pit a listen.
  6. Crystal Castles. If you enjoy bands like MGMT but prefer a female vocalist, you may want to try Crystal Castles. This Toronto-based electro-pop band produces great music that has a rhythmic dance beat but also a dreamy trance-like quality.
  7. Neon Indian. With a name like Neon Indian, you can't forget to add these guys to a list of great bands like MGMT. Originally releasing their work anonymously, the identities of music composer Alan Palomo and visual artist Alicia Scardetta weren't revealed until the summer of 2009. A trippy journey down an electro-pop path, "Should've Taken Acid with You" is one of their more popular hits.
  8. Animal Collective. Perhaps one of the strangest bands like MGMT would have to be Maryland's own Animal Collective.  Said to mix everything from freak folk to melodic psychedelia, they create great tracks that are easy to listen to, while opening the listener up to a wide variety of genres and styles.
  9. Arctic Monkeys. Talking about great bands of the decade, we can't forget the UK sensation, Artic Monkeys.  Artic Monkeys played to a sold out crowd at the London Astoria, back in 2005, prior to even signing on with a major label. If you're looking for other bands like MGMT, you may very well enjoy these talented artists.
  10. Jonsi. If you're interested in more bands like MGMT, and you just happen to be visiting Iceland, you may want to check out Jonsi. One of the biggest pop stars ever produced by the country, his amazing song "Sticks and Stones" can be heard on the "How to Train Your Dragon" soundtrack.
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