10 Bands That Sound Like Sublime

When finding 10 bands that sound like Sublime, it's important to note that no one band sounds exactly like Sublime; the Long Beach, California act toyed with so many styles over three full length albums and a number of singles—pop-punk, reggae and dub, hip-hop, horn-laden ska—that the bands that sound like them tend to just reflect one aspect of their diverse sound. Some of this list of 10 bands that sound like Sublime will fall more on the ska end, while others will embody the Long Beach crew's love of hip-hop, but if you enjoy Sublime, you'll surely find something to like on this list of 10 bands that sound like Sublime:

  1. The Long Beach Dub All-Stars – After Brad Nowell's untimely death, the other members of Sublime decided to carry on his musical legacy with the help of some friends. The resulting group, the Long Beach Dub All-Stars, continued Sublime's unique genre-mashing and laid back California spirit.
  2. Fishbone – A huge influence on Sublime, Los Angeles' Fishbone still plays to this day, mixing ska, funk, soul and punk into a unique, and uniquely LA, stew.
  3. 311 – Hip-hop, rock and reggae form the backbone of 311's style, much like many bands that sound like Sublime in any way.
  4. Common Rider – On this list of 10 bands that sound like Sublime, perhaps Common Rider sounds like them the most, with ska-punk backing music forming a bed for hip-hop vocals from the former lead singer of major Sublime influence Operation Ivy.
  5. Lucky Boys Confusion – The laid back pop-punk of LBC puts them easily on the list of 10 bands that sound like Sublime.
  6. Less Than Jake – Perhaps the premier ska-punk band of the era, many Sublime fans also enjoy Less Than Jake.
  7. The Urge – Like Fishbone, the Urge's hard-edged ska-funk-punk mix makes them a go-to listen for many Sublime fans.
  8. Rancid – Perhaps the only band whose blend of reggae and punk felt as natural as Sublime's.
  9. NOFX – The kings of pop-punk, NOFX share many fans with Sublime.
  10. Pennywise – SoCal skate punk that has the California spirit Sublime embodied.

If you're a Sublime fan, surely you'll find something else you'll enjoy on this list of 10 bands that sound like Sublime. Have fun listening.

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