10 Baptism Gift Ideas

These 10 baptism gift ideas will show your commitment to the special child of the day. Some of these gifts are unique, others rather traditional, but there is something for every baptized child on the list.

  1. A Noah’s Ark sampler. Local craft stores often have pre-made cross-stitched samplers of the fabled Ark. These gifts are sweet and last a lifetime. The child will love pulling this out of their keepsake box and looking at all the fun animals in the future. This sweet and childlike gift is a perfect one to commemorate a baptism.
  2. A savings bond. The amount of the bond doesn’t have to be very big; the important thing is that it is from the date and month of the child’s baptism. Over time this gift will grow in value and importance to the child.
  3. A silver dollar. This baptism gift is unique, fun and an investment. Purchasing a silver dollar from the year of the child’s baptism gives special meaning to the day and the coin. And, since the cost of silver rarely fluctuates severely, the coin is also a valuable asset.
  4. A personalized gift. If you are particularly close to the child and have given him or her a nickname, or if you know that the child has a nickname, consider finding a gift related to the given moniker. For example, a bear hat would be perfect for a child called “Lucy bear” by her family. This fun baptism gift is unique and exciting.
  5. A frame for the baptismal certificate. Give the newly baptized child or adult a nice frame to display their baptism certificate or photo of the special day. Steer clear of the particularly childish frames as they may eventually be stashed in a closet. A basic silver or glass frame will timelessly commemorative the baptism’s occurrence.
  6. An engraved pen. For adults, the perfect baptismal gift special silver pen engraved with the baptismal date. Each time the pen is used, the individual will remember their special day.
  7. A photographer. Hiring a photographer for the event and any ensuing party will give the baptized adult or the baptized child’s parents peace of mind in knowing that they will have professional photos commemorating the day. Not having to worry about taking photos can be a lifesaver in a hectic situation. The prints from this gift, additionally, make it one that will keep on giving in the years to come.
  8. A party. The best baptismal gift may be your hosting a party after the event. If you live near the church or know of a good nearby restaurant, offer to throw the adult or child a small gathering after being baptized. This great gift is one that allows all important people to celebrate the baptism hours after the big event.
  9. A photo session. Parents of a recently baptized child will love the chance to have professional photos taken of their special baby. Contact a local professional photographer and purchase a package of a few hours of a photo shoot and several prints. The parents and child can schedule the photo shoot and the shoot’s theme. This baptism present is one that will be remembered for years to come.
  10. A gift to the church. Donate money or other support to the church in the child’s name. Ask that an announcement of this gift be provided to the baptized person or their parents so they know of your contribution. This special baptismal gift is unselfish and always appreciated.
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