10 Basic Camping Tips

Take a moment to learn these 10 basic camping tips for your next camping trip. Camping promises to be a fun activity for the entire family. Although, the more prepared you are for the camping trip the more fun you will have. Mother nature often tries to add a bit of excitement to a camping trip. If you follow these 10 basic camping tips you will be better prepared for anything she may throw your way.

  • tent
  • hose
  • heavy sweater
  • extra socks
  • water or water purifier tablets
  • plastic baggies
  • rope and food sack for hanging food
  1. Set up your tent at home. Take your tent to your backyard and set up the tent. Make sure that you understand how the tent is put together. Trying to put up a tent at dusk or in the dark is tough if you are not sure how to do it. After the tent is set up use your hose to run water overtop of it. Get inside and check for leak. It is easier to repair a leaky tent at home than out in the back country.
  2. Pack more than you think you will need. If you are going camping with your car you will be able to bring along extra clothing. Even if the weather forecast is for warm weather, take a heavy sweater or jacket. It can get cold in the evenings. Even if you are trying to pack light because you are hiking into your camping spot, at least pack extra socks, wet feet are no fun.
  3. Try to arrive in daylight. A great basic camping trip is to plan to get to your camp while it is still light. It is easier to set up your camp and learn the area in daylight.
  4. Bring plenty of water or water purifier tablets. Water is the one thing you can not be without. Campers who are hiking to their camping destination should bring water purifier tablets if they will be near a water source. The tablets are much lighter than water.
  5. Do food prep at home. Cut up all of your food when at home. This will save time when you are planning to cook your meal. Pack your cut up food in individual baggies.
  6. Check local fire rules before leaving. Find out if you will be able to have a fire before you arrive at the camp. If you can not have a fire, purchase or borrow a camp stove for cooking.
  7. Never cook near your sleeping area. The aroma of food will bring wildlife to your camp. Always cook downwind of where you will sleep.
  8. Do not put food in your tent. Never put any food inside your tent. Make a pulley and hang your food from a tree branch. This is a very important basic camping tip.
  9. Keep an eye on children. If you are camping with kids never let them wonder off into the woods alone. It is easy to get turned around and have no idea how to get back to your camp.
  10. Keep the tent flap closed and zipped up. This may sound like common sense but it is a very important basic camping tip. You don't want to head into your tent for the evening to find you are sharing your tent with a furry or scaly uninvited guest!

The best part of camping is learning to survive through crazy weather, visiting wildlife and less than optimal cooking conditions. If you follow these 10 basic camping tips it will give you an advantage when you are out on your camping trip. Most problems that arise while camping will be able to be solved by using common sense and a bit of ingenuity.

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