10 Basic Skateboard Tricks

So, you just got a new skateboard and you want to learn 10 Basic Skateboard Tricks? Well here are ten relatively simple skateboard tricks.

  1. Ollie. The Ollie is a skateboarding trick where you pop the skateboard into the air. This is basically where you jump with the skateboard stuck to your feet. To do this trick, you must snap the tail of the skateboard down. Then, slide your front foot up along the skateboard. Do this all while jumping.
  2. Kickturns. Kickturns are another pretty basic skateboard trick. You must balance well on your back wheel for a second, then you swing the front of your skateboard around. This will probably need loads of practice because if you're not very good a balancing, learning this trick could prove to be most difficult.
  3. 50-50 Grind. A 50-50 grind is where you grind with both trucks. First, you must perform The Ollie onto a ledge or rail. Then, land right with both trucks evenly on the ledge or rail. You should automatically start sliding down the rail or ledge. Finally, pop off the rail or ledge and ride away.
  4. Board Slides. Before even attempting Board Slides, make sure that you are able to do an Ollie well enough. You'll also need to know how to do turns and how to do them well. Basically, you're performing an Ollie and spinning your body to land on the rail sideways. Then, you'll need to pop off of the rail and spin again to land straight. It is recommended that you practice on smaller objects before tackling an actual rail.
  5. Rock and Roll. Basically, a rock and roll is where you ride up a ramp onto the lip, or coping, and the front trucks go over the lip while the bottom of the deck rests on the lip. Then you must pivot on your back trucks and kickturn 180 degrees and ride down the ramp. Make sure you are confident about your kickturns because the trick mostly relies on them. Also, make sure you have a good approach.
  6. Rock to Fakie. This trick is not to be confused with a Rock and Roll, but they are similar. Basically, you ride up a ramp onto the lip and the front trucks go over the lip and the bottom of the deck is resting on the lip. Then, pop the front trucks back over the edge and let gravity pull you down. Now ride down the ramp in the Fakie direction, which is the opposite direction a skater usually rides. If you want,  after you have ridden down the ramp a  bit you can kickturn back around to ride down the ramp in your regular direction.
  7. Railstands. There are two types of railstands, the Toeside Railstand and Heelside Railstand. First of all, to do both kinds of Railstands, find a flat surface to perform the trick. To do a Toeside Railstand, position your feet on top of both trucks. Now, push on your toes and jump up. This will push the skateboard onto it's side while you are in the air. Then, land softly on the edge of the skateboard. To do a Heelside Railstand, take your back foot off the skateboard and put the toes right on the side of the back wheel. Now, jump off your front foot and pull the skateboard up on it's side with your back foot.
  8. Truckstand. Put your foot on the back of the skateboard. Put your other foot on the ground. Then, grab the nose of the skateboard and spin the board forwards or backwards. Jump and put the foot that was on the back of the skateboard on the bottom truck and lift the foot on the ground up. Then, spin the board back around and land.
  9. Manuals. A manual is where, while rolling, you lift the front wheels off the ground but the tail doesn't touch the ground.
  10. Kickflips. A kickflip is similar to an Ollie, but you flick the skateboard with your foot to spin the board underneath you while you're in the air.
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