10 Basketball Players With Tattoos

Being clean-cut is no longer a requirement to becoming a pro athlete, especially for these ten basketball players with tattoos. Some basketball players only have a few tattoos, while others have nearly their entire body covered with colorful ink. Whatever their reasons, tattooed basketball players make fans sit up and take notice.

  1. Dennis Rodman. Not only is this retired basketball player covered with ink, Dennis Rodman also has multiple piercings and a renwoned bad-boy image. Dennis Rodman makes the top of the list because of the shear amount of tattoos on his body.
  2. Kenyon Martin. This basketball player with tattoos actually inked a face on his arm. Kenyon Martin got a tattoo of a baby (we are assuming it is his child) with the words etched, "Flesh of my Flesh, Blood of my Blood" surrounding the face.
  3. Mike Bibby. This pro athlete shows his love for the game with a tattoo of a basketball shooting into a hoop on his calf. That is one basketball player with tattoos that is not afraid to show the world what he loves.
  4. Larry Hughes. This basketball player with tattoos has ink plastered all over his neck and arms. Designs include artistic swirls and lettering, but no word on whether they have any special significance to him, or if it was just a love of the needle.
  5. Cherokee Parks. This pro basketball player with tattoos has some great designs on his arms. One tattoo in particular is a very detailed replica of the Statue of Liberty. Nothing like a great tattoo to show that Cherokee loves America.
  6. Jason Williams. This basketball player with tattoos must have picked a very talented artist, because his tattoos on his arms are also very detailed. Jason seems to have an obsession with eyes and thorns.
  7. Jason Richardson. Needles to the chest seem to be the thing for Jason Richardson, another basketball player with tattoos. Instead of designs and faces, this basketball player decided to write a novel on his chest. Maybe he ran out of paper?
  8. Allen Iverson. Ankles, legs and arms are Iverson's favorite body parts to ink. Allen has so many tattoos that he may just be in competition with Dennis Rodman.
  9. Greg Ostertag. We are not sure if Greg Ostertag got his tattoo while he was intoxicated, or if he really does admire this cartoon character that much. Fred Flintstone has made a permanent appearance on Greg's body. That's one way to make the list of basketball players with tattoos.
  10. Chauncey Billups. Another basketball player with tattoos, this one is a tribute to Billups' old neighborhood Park Hill. Chauncey did not tell the artist to make it discreet either, this tattoo is plastered in huge letters across his entire upper arm with a picture of a king on a throne.
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