10 Beautiful Asian Actresses

 A list of 10 beautiful Asian actresses includes women of all ages. The classic female dishes on the ten beautiful actresses list start with the dark-haired beauties from the 1920s and include present-day babes of the big and small screens. 

  1. Michelle Yeoh A James Bond beauty, this beautiful Asian actress is also known for her role as Yu Shu Lien in the 2000 film "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon." Her most recent movies include "Memoirs of a Geisha" in 2005 and "Fearless" in 2006.
  2. Jennifer Lynn Wong Ms. Wong is a new actress on the Hollywood scene. She has been in two films in 2009, playing Tina in the movie "One Son" released in 2009 and Mova in the 2009 film "Hubris: A Short Film."  
  3. Sandra Oh Ms. Oh is known for her role in the film "Sideways" and also the part of Dr. Cristina Yang on the hit show "Grey's Anatomy." Born in Ottawa, Canada to Korean parents, the actress was in over 100 episodes of "Grey's Anatomy," as well as in big screen presentations, including "Thorne: Scaredy Cat" and "The Goree Girls" in 2011. 
  4. Rosalind Chao This American actress of Asian descent played Keiko O'Brien in the television show "Star Trek: The Next Generation" and "Star Trek: Deep Space Nine." The Anaheim native started her career by appearing on the TV show "Here's Lucy" in 1970 and went on to after school specials and other classic 1970s television including "Emergency!," "Kojak," "Kung Fu," "The Amazing Spider-Man" and "The Incredible Hulk." She kept the momentum moving with appearances on other well-known shows including "Thirtysomething," "Miami Vice" and "St. Elsewhere." 
  5. Anna May Wong Ms. Wong, an Asian-American actress, was a pioneer in the film industry. Anna May Wong was a beautiful addition to silent films. Her most famous silent movies include "Lady from Chungking" in 1942, "Shanghai Express" in 1932 and "King of Chinatown" in 1939.
  6. Lucy Liu This beautiful Asian actress joins the top ten list with a bullet. She's an actress with a host of Emmy nominations for primetime and she's won more than several awards. She's played the voice of kid's cartoon characters and kicked major butt in "Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle" released in 2003. Her small screen beauty was seen on "ER," "Nash Bridges" and the "X-Files," just to name a few of the many roles this beautiful Asian actress has taken on in the last decade. 
  7. Nancy Kwan Born in 1939, Ms. Kwan played Suzie Wong in "The World of Suzie Wong" in 1960, followed up in 1961 in her best-known role as Linda Low in the film the "Flower Drug Song." Dozens of movie roles and appearances on the little screen, including multi-part roles for "Hawaii Five-O," fill out her resume. 
  8. Tamlyn Tomita This Japanese actor, making the list of the ten beautiful Asian actresses, first made her acting entrance as Kumiko in "The Karate Kid, Part II" in 1986. From that point on, Ms. Tomita took acting roles in the television shows including, "Santa Barbara," "The Burning Zone," "Nash Bridges" and "General Hospital."
  9. Julia Ling This Asian actress born in southern California in 1983 came to film and television in 2003 on "Buffy the Vampire Slayer." Roles on "8 Simple Rules," "House M.D." and "The O.C." soon followed. She plays Anna Wu on the small screen show "Chuck" and hit the big screen in "Love Sick Diaries" and "Cinder" in 2010. 
  10. Maggie Q Maggie Denise Quigley, known professionally as Maggie Q, is of Vietnamese heritage. Ms. Q entered television in 2003 on MTV and a mini-series and starred on the big screen as Jane Quigley in the 2000 film "Gen-X Cops 2: Metal Mayhem." Her most memorial parts include "Live Free or Die Hard," "Mission: Impossible III" and "Mission: Impossible IV." She appeared frequently in 2010 as Nikita, on a television show by the same name. 
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