10 Beautiful British Women

The ten beautiful British women on our list are some of the most stunning women in the world. English roses and British blooms, modern beauties and legendary lovelies–our list has them all. They represent the most beautiful, talented and famous ladies of England.

  1. Princess Diana Called the “English Rose” by her adoring public, Princess Diana ranks high among British beauties. She was a popular member of the British royal family, as Prince Charles’ first wife and the mother of Princes William and Harry, heirs to the throne. She was also known for her charity work and support of a campaign to ban landmines. Her untimely death in 1997 shocked and grieved the world.
  2. Vivien Leigh Vivien Leigh, known best for her role as Scarlett O’Hara in “Gone With the Wind,” is one of Britain’s legendary beauties. The raven-haired actress played everything from southern belles to Shakespearean ladies. One of Britain’s most beautiful stars of the silver screen, Leigh died in 1967 at age 53.
  3. Kate Winslet Kate Winslet is one of the most beautiful British actresses today. Famous for her curvy figure, Winslet is best-known for her role opposite Leonardo Dicaprio in the 1997 film, “Titanic.” Nominated multiple times for an Academy Award, Winslet won her first Oscar in 2008 for her role in “The Reader.”
  4. Kate Beckinsale Another beautiful Kate from Britain is Kate Beckinsale. The 2001 movie “Pearl Harbor” gave the English actress her breakthrough role. Since then, she has starred in numerous dramas and romantic comedies. Beckinsale is known for her pretty smile and classic looks.
  5. Kate Moss England is home to yet another famous Kate: Kate Moss. Moss is a recognizable English supermodel who has appeared in hundreds of magazine covers known for her stick-thin figure and waif look. In addition to her modeling career, Moss is known as an international fashion icon and winner of numerous style awards.
  6. Liz Hurley Liz Hurley, a model and actress, was once known as “ Hugh Grant's girlfriend.” She worked as an actress in the 1980s and starred in several romantic comedies in the 1990s before becoming an Estee Lauder spokesmodel. Hurley is known for her figure, smile and mesmerizing eyes.
  7. Victoria Beckham Victoria Beckham is another beautiful English woman. She rose to fame as Posh Spice in the 1990s pop band, the Spice Girls. Today she is a singer-songwriter, model, fashion designer and successful businesswoman. She is married to soccer star David Beckham.
  8. Twiggy Lawson The 1960s model known simply as “Twiggy” is famous for her beauty. As the “Face of 1966,” Twiggy was the first high-profile teenage model. She was known for her thin figure, large eyes and long eyelashes. Now 61, her career includes singing and acting.
  9. Joan Collins The glamorous Joan Collins is another legendary English beauty. Her most famous role was Alexis on the 1980s prime time soap opera, “Dynasty.” Collins is also the author of several best-selling romance novels and lifestyle books.
  10. Diana Dors Diana Dors, who died in 1984 at the age of 52, was an English actress and sex symbol. Considered one of the most beautiful British women of all time, Dors was often called the English Marilyn Monroe.
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