10 Beautiful Female Athletes

  • Here is a list of 10 beautiful female athletes. Men love beautiful women. When the women are athletic, it is even better. There are some women out there that are so hot, you would not believe they are also professional athletes. These are the ten beautiful female athletes we are talking about.

    1. Lauren Jackson. Lauren Jackson is a WNBA basketball player from Australia. She is the best woman basketball player from Australia. She is an excellent basketball player, but she looks much better in a bathing suit. This is why Lauren Jackson is a beautiful female athlete.
    2. Gabrielle Reece. Gabrielle Reece is one of the most beautiful female athletes. She has a beautiful face and a curvy body. She is on the American woman’s professional volleyball team. She is so hot she posed for Playboy in 2001.
    3. Amanda Beard.  Amanda Beard won gold and silver medals in the Olympics because she is a great swimmer. Amanda beard is also a beautiful female athlete. She also posed in Playboy with her hot female swimmer body.
    4. Danica Patrick. Danica Patrick is a beautiful female athlete who is hot and can also drive a car over 200 miles per hour.  Danica Patrick is a beautiful woman who spends her off time racing against men in NASCAR. What can be hotter than a woman like this?
    5. Natalia Gulbis. Natalia Gulbis is an LPGA golfer who lives in California. She looks like a beauty queen and can still swing a golf club. Natalia Gulbis in one of the most beautiful female athletes in the world.
    6. Anna Kournikova. Anna Kournikova is probably the best known beautiful female athlete. She plays professional tennis and has movie star looks. We hear more about Anna’s beauty than her tennis career because she is that beautiful.
    7. Ashley Force. Danica Patrick is probably the best woman’s race car driver on the circuit, but Ashley Force would be the most beautiful female race car driver on the circuit. Ashley has race car driver skills with cheerleader looks.
    8. Sasha Cohen. Sasha Cohen is a US figure skater and 2006 Olympic silver medalist. Sasha is a great figure skater who looks like the beautiful girl next door you would love to take out on the town. Sasha Cohen is a beautiful female athlete.
    9. Heather Mitts. Heather Mitts is a hot US woman’s soccer player. She is a two time Olympic gold medalist as a player on the US soccer team. Heather Mitts is as beautiful as she is talented. She also looks great in a bathing suit.
    10. Maria Sharapova. Maria Sharapova is the most beautiful female athlete in the world. She is 23 years old and is the best Russian tennis player. She has one three Grand Slam titles and has earned nearly fourteen million dollars as a tennis player. Maria Sharapova has the looks of a beauty queen, the body of a hot movie star, and athletic talents that make her the most beautiful female athlete in the world.
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