10 Beautiful Greek Women

Naming 10 beautiful Greek women could go back to ancient days and Greek mythology. It is known that the beauty of such Greek women as Helen of Troy and Aphrodite has been passed down through the generations, and Grecian beauties have always been among the most spectacular in the world. That fame is well earned. Here are our picks of the most beautiful Greek women that grace our generation.

  1. Evelina Papantoniou is one of the top professional actresses and fashion models in Greece. She won beauty pageants and represented Greece at the 2001 Miss Universe Pageant, where she was the first runner-up. She continues to model for men's magazines and designers and also is an artist specializing in painting and sculptures.
  2. Helena Paparizou is a chart-topping Greek singer with a fantastic body. She has represented Greece in numerous international song contests and won the Eurovision Song Contest in 2005. 
  3. Maria Louiza Vourou hosts a gossip TV show called "ShowBiz News", which has a large following. How many men watch the show because of her fabulous body, which was featured in some men's magazines including "Maxim"?
  4. Christina Koletsa sings a type of techno or pop music in Greek. Men may not know what she is singing, but they are usually busy watching her instead.
  5. Julia Alexandratou is considered to be a perfect blonde.  Not only does she dominate various beauty pageants but she also appears on television as a host, has made her modeling a successful career, and has released music albums.
  6. Natali Thanou won awards as a Greek choir member. She began modeling at age sixteen and went on to appear in "Maxim", "Playboy", and other magazines.
  7. Ria Antoniou won second place in the Model of the World pageant after winning Miss Peloponissus in 2007.  Her body is said to be hot, sexy and perfectly shaped, so she is another who has appeared on the covers of men's magazines.
  8. Katerina Stikoudi is another beauty pageant winner who also represented Greece in the Miss World Pageant.  She adds  the unique combination of being represented by a modeling agency while also being a children's swimming instructor and a doctor!
  9. Vasiliki Tambouri is a contemporary Greek artist.  She was raised by her grandparents, and her grandfather (a painter himself) was her first art teacher.  She went to London to art school and in 2009 received an honorary diploma from the Society of Greek Men of Letters due to her contributions to Greek art.  She paints what she sees and feel and has experimented with clay masks. She paints portraits and Greek scenes.
  10. Antonia Papatzanaki is a Greek sculptor.  Her spectacular art exhibition, "Visions of Light" has been shown at the New York Gallery and other places throughout the world along with a permanent display in Greece. Her Plexiglas works emit light and combine artificial and natural light with sculpture architecture. She has won many first prizes and awards for her art work.
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