10 Beautiful Women Over 50

Not all women over 50 get over run by grey hair and wrinkles, there are at least 10 beautiful women over 50 who look better than women half their age. Good make-up, hair dye, style and surgery help but beauty is beauty and it is ageless in the case of these 10 hot women.

  1. Christie Brinkley. Hard to believe the busty blonde who is now most famous for doing infomercials is over 50. Christie has the same beautiful face she had as a model 30 years ago and thanks to those sessions on workout machines during those infomercials she is a women over 50 with a body to die for. 
  2. Raquel Welch. Well past 50 but still stunning and no one would complain if she donned that cave-girl bikini again. Raquel shot to fame as a hottie with big knockers in the 60's and almost 50 years later her boobs are still holding off the pull of gravity and she remains one of Hollywood's most beautiful women. 
  3. Jane Seymour. No not the 500 year old Jane Seymour who married King Henry VIII (although she was hot) but rather the beautiful actress Jane Seymour who is all of 450 years younger. The English actress has distinctive looks and a sexy voice and her figure has not changed during her entire career. 
  4. Sela Ward. Actress Sela Ward has that look of the bored housewife next door that men dream about. Dark hair, deep eyes and an nice shape help make her of the the 10 most beautiful women over 50. Fortunately we will get to see plenty more of her on "CSI: NYC."
  5. Sophia Loren. Sophia qualifies as a beautiful women over 50 and 60 and dare I say it, 70! She shows no signs of fading any time soon and still has the sexiness that made her a siren when your grandparents were kids.
  6. Jennifer Tilly. Having a young looking face helped Jennifer Tilly to qualify among the hottest women over 50. Having massive boobs that are often displayed in low cut tops pushed her nearer to the top 5 beautiful women over 50. 
  7. Michelle Pfeiffer. Michelle does not make as many movies as she used to so perhaps she has reached an age where she wants to slow down. One thing is for certain and that is that she does not look a day over 30 and could still make a box office splash as a sexy siren.
  8. Cassandra Peterson. The gothic mistress of the dark is over 50 but not shy about showing off her bouncing boobs. Cassandra is best known as "Elvira" and her black outfits provided a good contrast with her pale breasts. She is not just beautiful but she is also one of the 10 most saucy women over 50.
  9. Jane Fonda. Wild and controversial in her younger days now she is simply beautiful. It is probably for the best that she is not a rabid activist any more although if she stays as sexy we wouldn't complain if she got in all of our faces more often. 
  10. Sharon Stone. She came to fame for bearing her front gates in "Basic Instinct" and since then she has played many sexy roles. Sharon proves that age is no barrier to sexiness and she is likely to stay among the 10 most beautiful women when she hits 60.
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