10 Bedroom Decorating Ideas

Learn about the 10 bedroom decorating ideas that will work for any design or any room and create a space that’s all your own. The concepts are simple to understand, affordable and will incorporate the elements of style that anyone can appreciate.

  1. Keep it clean. If the room is short on storage clutter happens and even the best designed room will be hampered by the disarray. Buy a storage unit to organize your stuff and minimize the clutter. Get a clothes hamper and keep the dirty clothes off the floor and where they belong. Invest in a trash can it makes it easier to put garbage in its place.
  2. Contrasts make an impact. Balance out light and dark tones in the room. Dark furniture against a light color wall or light furniture against a dark wall will enhance the furniture and make it stand out. Solids against patterned elements will avoid two patterns competing for attention.
  3. Inject the room with color. Pick three colors for the room and follow the 60/30/10 rule. The dominant color should be used in 60 percent of the space, the secondary color 30 percent and an accent color only ten percent. It is best to pick different shades of the same color for the dominant and secondary colors and use a punch of color for the accents.
  4. Light it up. Three types of lighting should be used in a room and the bedroom is no exception. An overhead light for basic lighting, task lighting designed for specific tasks in mind, such as bedside lamps for reading. The third type of lighting is mood lighting a low light that creates ambiance in the room. Using a dimmer switch on existing lights is an excellent way to control the mood lighting. An alternative to dimmers is to use some candles in the bedroom. Nothing is more romantic to a woman than candles.
  5. Pops of personality. Incorporate your personality into the room to create a unique place all your own. Add something that relates to one of your hobbies or pick some artwork that you like. It’s your space and it should reflect you.
  6. Windows frame the view. Take down the sheets or plastic mini-blinds and add some style and texture to the room with drapes that frame the view, offer privacy, add texture, color and contrast to the room. If the walls are solid, consider a printed fabric for the drapes. If you prefer not to use fabrics a good alternative would be wooden or bamboo blinds which would add texture to the room.
  7. Buy new bedding. Nothing freshens up a bedroom more than a new duvet cover or bedspread. This is a great way to add prints to an otherwise solid colored room. Keep the sheets a solid color for a printed bedspread or use animal prints against a solid duvet.
  8. Create a reading spot. Add a chair in the corner of the bedroom and a reading lamp to create a reading nook. If space is limited add lots of pillows on the bed. It’s a great way to add punches of accent colors to the room. Don’t forget to add bedside lamps to make it easier on your eyes.
  9. Make a statement. The bed is the central element in the bedroom. Put up a headboard, a large piece of artwork or build a bookcase for the head of the bed. Keep it in scale with the size of the room and the size of the bed.
  10. Warm and cozy. Wooden floors or tile can be cold under the feet so keep your toes toasty with a throw rug by the bed. This is a great way to add color or design to the room and still keep it simple.

Bedroom design isn’t difficult when you learn about the ten bedroom decorating ideas and incorporate them into your space. You can have a bedroom that is affordable, easy to do and is unique but with plenty of style that will impress the women in your life.

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