10 Beginner Bowling Tips

These 10 beginner bowling tips were created to help those who have never bowled before to understand the basics. Bowling is a popular hobbies and/or pastime for many people. Bowling can be enjoyed by just about anyone. It is not hard to learn how to bowl. Here are some great tips and strategies.

  1. Mental Preparation This is a great beginner bowling tip. To be a great bowler, you need to be mentally sharp. Think about how you are about to bowl before you actually make the shot. Take a deep breath in and let it out slowly. Think of the bowling pins as trash cans to distract you from being nervous.
  2. Bowling Terms You need to know some basic bowling terms and lingo. You may never use every single term, but the basics are important. For example, a spare is when all the pins are knocked down with two tries. A strike is all the pins go down with one shot. And a string is three or more strikes in a row.
  3. Perfect Straight Ball This is a perfect beginner bowling tip because you don’t want your bowling ball in the gutter all the time. If you have a natural hook or curve, you may have an advantage. This means you naturally throw at a curve.
  4. Delivery Delivery is how many steps you take before you actually throw the ball. It is important to determine the best delivery for you. The number of steps you take will decide how you bowl and how your speed is adjusted. Your stride length and height also determine your delivery.        
  5. Release This is a great beginner bowling tip because your release is how you handle and throw the ball. It determines where your ball will land in the lane. An easy rule is when the ball passes over your left foot, you can release the ball. This will allow you better aim at the pins.
  6. Foul Line Delivery This step determines how far past the foul line the ball should be released. This distance is determined by height, size, speed and stride length. For example, if you have long arms and legs, you would release your bowling ball about two feet after the foul line. If you have short arms and legs, it would be inches instead of feet.
  7. Choosing the Right Ball This is a good beginner bowling tip. Whether you want to purchase a bowling ball or use a house ball, the right size does matter. Using a ball that is too heavy can cause injury to your shoulder and wrist. A good beginner bowling ball is about 12 pounds. Professional bowlers normally use a 16-pound ball.
  8. Bowling Form Learning the correct position to stand can make all the difference in how you bowl. Earlier, we talked about how many steps to take in your delivery. Those steps determine your form. For example, if you take four steps in your delivery, stand at the foul line, turn around and walk forward so your heels are four inches from the line. Then take four and a half steps forward, turn around and that is your form line.
  9. Bowling Stance This is an important beginner bowling tip because it will determine where the ball will end up when you bowl. Standing in position from the above step, there are three stances you can choose from. The first is to hold the ball right in front of your face. The second is to hold the ball even with your waistline. And last is to hold the ball lower, at arm's length.
  10. Bowling Etiquette This stuff is pretty common sense but still an important part of beginner bowling tips. Be sure to wear bowling shoes at all times since regular shoes leaves marks on the floor. Do not make fun of other bowlers. Do not use other bowler's equipment.
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