10 Beginner Tips For Surfing Mexico

Surfing is a great sport no matter where you surf but there are things to consider, so here are the ten beginner tips for surfing Mexico. Mexico is quickly becoming recognized on the surfing circuit as a great place to surf. Mexico is a great place to learn to surf, so grab your board and head down to Mexico.

  1. Make sure you can swim. If not, surfing may not be the sport for you right now. The ocean has powerful currents and if you fall off your board, you are going to have to be able to handle yourself in some strong waves. Your life vest can only do so much to get you back to shore.
  2. Do your homework and find the best destination for a beginner. There are some areas in Mexico where the current is not as strong as others. It’s a good idea for a beginner to learn on the smaller waves.
  3. Take lessons from an experienced surfing instructor. You will need to learn the basics; how to stand and how to find the right wave are a couple of things that you will learn. You will also learn how to stay safe in the water.
  4. Be prepared to drink a lot of ocean water. Wipeouts are a part of surfing which means you’re going to have a mouthful of ocean water frequently. You’ll probably swallow it as you get hit with wave after wave. It is a fact of life for a surfer.
  5. Wear a wetsuit or a long sleeved rash shirt. You will be in the water a lot. The wetsuit will not only keep you warm in the water but will protect you from developing a rash from your board. The rash shirt will protect you from developing the rash that occurs from your arms and torso rubbing against the board while you are in the water. If you decide you want to make surfing a long-term activity, you will probably want to buy your own wetsuit. Most surfers urinate in their wetsuits, so who knows what you’re getting with a rented wetsuit.
  6. Taking classes to strengthen your core muscles will help you in the water. Before you begin your surfing vacation, it would be a good idea to enroll in exercise classes to strengthen your core muscles. You use these muscles a lot in the water and the stronger you are, the better able you will be to master the basics of surfing.
  7. Upper body strength is essential for a surfer. Surfing requires a lot of pushing up with your arms. First, just to get onto the board into a lying down position. Then the push up with your arms to a standing position. Your arms give you balance and help with maneuvering. Your beginning sessions will be more successful if your arms and upper torso are strong.
  8. Practice the surfer stance until you can stand on the board for the whole wave. Keep those arms out and the knees bent and focus on something that doesn’t move. It’s easier when you are practicing on the shore. The real thing is tough in the beginning
  9. Learn to talk the lingo of a surfer. You’re a surfer now, you want to fit in and talk the lingo with the rest of the surfers. You might want to purchase a surfer lingo dictionary before heading out for your surfing vacation.
  10. Go out there and have fun. So what if you wipeout a few times; after all, that was a “gnarly one” (big wave for you non-surfers).
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