10 Bender Ball Exercises

For busy professionals, learning at least 10 Bender Ball exercises could be one of the best decisions that would not only benefit them health-wise but also career-wise in the long run. With all the hustle and bustle that everyone goes through in their daily lives, health empowerment is now considered a premium in everyone’s daily activities. People now live in a fast-paced life, and it is important to create a regimen that is easy to maintain and quick to accomplish. What better way to get started in a healthy exercise system than to start a Bender Ball training regimen.

To start on a Bender Ball exercise regimen, you will need:

  • A Bender Ball
  • Open mind for better health
  • Determination to succeed


  1. Bender Ball crunches. Sitting on the floor, place the Bender Ball under your lower back. Start your crunches as if you were lying on the floor by reclining on the Ball. This effectively isolates muscles that you need to work with by making you focus in maintaining your balance while reclining.
  2. Leg extensions. Strategically placing the Bender Ball underneath one of the ankles, hip and calf muscles are worked out when you have to raise the buttocks and one leg upwards.
  3. Leg raise. Placing the Bender Ball under the hips and doing leg raises or flutter kicks will work out the abdominal muscles and will firm up the buttocks. The Bender Ball augments the workout that is being done by traditional leg raises.
  4. Oblique muscles. Lie back on the Bender Ball and make sure that both feet are flat on the floor. Carefully roll back on the Bender Ball until you achieve a position where your thighs and body are parallel on the floor. Slowly raise your body up without exceeding a 45 degree angle. Aside from the internal and external oblique muscles, the abdominal muscles will also be worked out.
  5. Bicycle workout. Use the Bender Ball to support your lower back. Place both of your hands behind your head without straining the neck in any way. Raise your knees up to as close as a 45 degree angle as possible. Assume the smooth and slow motion of pedaling your knees as if you were riding a bike. Try to touch your right knee with your left elbow and your left knee with your right elbow.
  6. Knee tucks. Placing the Ball between the knees, you can do traditional knee tucks to strengthen and tone your abdominal muscles. By twisting your knees, the side muscles are given an effective exercise as well.
  7. Squats. Stand against a wall with the Bender Ball effectively resting between your upper back and the wall. Bend your knees and lower about 5 to 10 inches while keeping the shoulders level and the hips square. The Bender Ball will roll between your back and the wall as you descend.
  8. BallPass. Holding the Bender Ball with both arms, lie on your back placing the Ball above your head and slightly lift your feet so that your shins are parallel to the floor. Lift your body and place the Bender Ball between your legs. Lower your legs and have your arms reach back. Lift your body and legs back up and grab the Ball. Continue to pass the Ball back and forth between your hands and.
  9. Leg Lifts. Have the Bender Ball placed between your ankles and do regular leg lifts to exercise your lower abdominal muscles.
  10. Elbow to knee crunch.  A combination of the Bender Ball crunch and the bicycle workout, this exercise is done with the Bender Ball placed under the lower back and both hands placed at the back of the head. Bending both knees and having both feet flat on the floor, try to raise one knee at a time and bend your body forward to have your right elbow touching the left knee and vice versa.

Motivation is never easy in maintaining a regimen.  What’s important is for people to keep their eye on the goal and that is to be healthier.

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