10 Benefits Of Jogging

If you're seeking to learn about the 10 benefits of jogging, you may be quite surprised by what you learn here. Like many other common exercises, jogging is rather simple but it takes dedication and effort to do it on a regular and healthy basis. Jogging brings about many health benefits that range from building up a good physique, improving your heart rate, toning your muscles and bones, relieving your stress and fighting to prevent many common diseases and aging issues.

  1. Weight loss. This is a no-brainer, and it really doesn't get any more simpler than this. Running is essentially one method of losing weight, aka exercise. As you run, you're burning the calories which make up the pounds that you are trying to lose. Typically, there are 3500 calories contained in one pound.
  2. Prevention of bone and muscle loss. Let's face it, our bones are not going to get any healthier or stronger just by sitting on the couch in front of the television all day long. If you go and jog on a regular basis, your skeleton will stay in shape because you're keeping it active. Our bones were designed to accommodate the demands we place on them.
  3. Self-confidence boost. Jogging is a fantastic way for one to build up self-esteem and confidence, much like a few other sports. Since jogging allows you to persist and proceed in order to advance through obstacles, you tend to feel empowered with every single foot-strike as you defeat each trial after trial and obstacle after obstacle.
  4. Disease prevention. It's no secret that jogging is one method of lessening the likelihood of diseases such as breast cancer, stroke, diabetes, hypertension and so forth. Jogging helps to strengthen your heart as well as decrease your blood pressure. If you don't want to end up in a nursing home at 60, then you're on the right path if you're jogging on a regular basis.
  5. Improved sleeping patterns. It's a proven fact that exercise in general, including jogging in particular, helps to bring about sleepiness much easier. Getting a sufficient amount of sleep is a crucial factor for improving one's overall fitness and diet as a whole.
  6. Stress relief. Life throws problems at us all the time; however, there are many ways to counteract and relieve them. Jogging is one great way to do it. Got a headache? Run the distance and eliminate all those nagging problems. You'll be surprised how all the tension just flies away as you run.
  7. Decreased laziness. This is in much correlation to sleep improvement. Jogging helps to keep your energy level up and active. That's not to say that you will turn into a walking and talking twenty-four hour Red Bull, but you'll seldom have moments of laziness.
  8. Improved sex drive. Just as jogging is a remedy for laziness reduction and proper sleep, it helps with your sexual drive as well. The reason you feel tired after climbing flights of stairs is most likely the same reason you feel tired halfway through lovemaking with your significant other. Therefore, you have to jog to improve your cardio. 
  9. Improved sense of discipline. Aside from other healthy benefits, there's a reason behind why the military uses jogging as a method of their training exercises. It helps you build up a good sense of discipline by building goals like reaching for a certain distance under a specified timeframe without giving up.
  10. Life expectancy. Ultimately, what the previous nine benefits all boil down to is this: In the end, jogging helps you live longer by helping you live a much healthier life, one that doesn't require you to spend your final days in a nursing home as the common old age stereotype would suggest.
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