10 Benefits Of Music

Finding the 10 benefits of music is easy, as there are more than can be named. Some are intangible, but others are fairly obvious. There's a saying that goes, 'no music, no life.' And that phrase will always hold true.

  1. Music training leads to developing the brain towards communicating and applying reasoning. Learning music helps develop the left side of the brain, which is utilized to process language; it even helps wire the brain's circuits, if you will, which leads to better reasoning capabilities and is one of the benefits of music.
  2. Learning music leads to better spatial intelligence, which is the skill of looking at things accurately and creating mental pictures. This is why studies showed that listening to Mozart helps minds master mathematics. It's one of the benefits of music, which just has that sort of positive affect.
  3. Consistent exposure to music increases creativity. This increased creativity, obviously one of the benefits of music, also helps in the development of problem solving skills.
  4. Studying the arts, such as music, leads to better grades. Studies have shown that those who learn music do better on tests such as the SAT, as well as higher grades, generally. (Are you listening, college students?) Even if you don't become a musicians, this is one of the big benefits of music.
  5. Leaning music expands cultural appreciation and sensitivity. When you learn music of other cultures, you find reasons to better appreciate others that may not share your language or practices. Hey, world peace may be one of the benefits of music.
  6. Studying music leads to higher work standards.  Another on of the benefits of music is that those that study music, develop the discipline to do their best possible work, instead of settling for second best.
  7. Music teaches perseverance. It's obvious to tell when a wrong note is played, or an instrument is out of tune. Music teaches players to keep at it until the composition is played correctly. Learning perseverance is one of the benefits of music that can help in many areas of life.
  8. Music teaches teamwork. When you play in an orchestra, or even a small combo, everybody needs to play together–as a team. If learning music makes you a better jock, that's one of the benefits of music you may not have considered.
  9. Music allows for self-expression. Just as music teaches teamwork, it also provides a forum for people to express their individuality. 
  10. Music teaches essential work skills. Music puts an emphasis on doing, not just watching. It's an activity, not just knowledge.


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