10 Benefits Of Television

What are the 10 benefits of television?  Television can be used for entertainment as well as educational uses. You may already be aware of some of the benefits you get out of television.  So lets get started. 

  1. Informative. Television broadcasts the news and weather stations to keep you up to date on the current events. This is a very good benefit since a person needs to know what happens around them. Without it people wouldn't have the benefit of keeping on top of current events in their area as well as what is happening in the political world.
  2. Educational. Television can be very educational for the watcher. They can learn new things through educational programs and from TV in general. The history and science channel are very good to learn from. 
  3. Family Bonding. The television makes for great family bonding. It allows a family to watch a show or movie together and share a great time together. 
  4. Intelligence. Complex TV shows or movies require a great deal of intelligence to understand the show or movie. Television isn't only about comedy, drama and fantasy. 
  5. Learn about different cultures. The television brings in different kinds or people and cultures into your family room, such as the Travel channel and the Food Networking channel. 
  6. Water cooler effect. Television brings in many different things into the family room and gives people many different things to talk about who have little in common. 
  7. How to do things. The television is really good at informing the viewer how to do things. Either how to make, create or build things. 
  8. Entertainment. With the different reality TV shows, it makes for great entertainment. 
  9. Exercise. Television makes exercising a lot easier. You don't have to join a club or sign up for a exercise class to get professional exercise help. 
  10. Memory. Many drama shows require you to remember the plot from week to week. This will allow you to get the most out of the shows. 
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