10 Benefits Of Video Games

If you're looking for 10 benefits of video games, you've found them. Just ask yourself what would life be like without video games? To many, video games are simply just fun and games, but the truth of the matter is that these interactive products have many benefits. Video games are essential to humans for physical and mental reasons. It's no surprise that many healthcare facilities use computer games to assist in physical therapy and recovery. 
  1. Stress relief Of course, there's exercise, sex and amusement parks, but video games are one of the biggest interactive stress relievers around. There's nothing like exploring ancient tombs with Lara Croft, blasting away zombies in "Left 4 Dead" or fighting the good fight against Nazis in "Call of Duty."
  2. Inspiration Video games are one of the best outlets for inspiration seekers. For instance, if you're writing a war story, but you're suffering from writer's block, you can try playing some "Call of Duty: Modern Warfare" to help get your creative juices flowing. 
  3. Physical exercise Video games make for excellent hand and finger exercise. Not to mention, the Nintendo Wii console has many fitness themed products and games. If you're worried about getting arthritis when you're older, make sure you never get tired of video games.
  4. Escapism Stress relief is one thing, but boredom is another. That's where escapism comes in. While it may also provide stress relief, escapism is the perfect vaccine for boredom. Let's face it. You can't literally jump into a spaceship and fight the aliens from "Halo" because you're having a dull day.
  5. Education Just like movies and books, video games can also work as an educational outlet. Many of these games deal with science, history, biology, society and morals. Even fictional games have a portion of realism in them. Many of the "Star Wars" games explore right vs. wrong and good vs. evil. These themes also run in the "Fable" game series.
  6. Entertainment Going hand in hand with stress relief and escapism, video games make for excellent entertainment. They're almost like a form of interactive movies. If you're a thrill seeker, video games should be one of your best friends.
  7. Mental exercise There's no question that video games make players think. Mental exercise of the brain is just as important as physical exercise. If crossword puzzles don't suit your fancy, video games may fill that void. Real-time strategy games like "Command & Conquer" and RPGs like "Resident Evil" are perfect substitutions for crossword puzzles.
  8. Teamwork Thanks to the online gaming markets like Xbox Live and Playstation Network, video games help players hone their teamwork and social skills as they participate with other players from across the globe.
  9. Physiotherapy There are plenty of medical facilities out there which use video games as a way to help patients recover from physical injuries by improving coordination and motor skills.
  10. Children with attention deficit disorder According to Professor Griffiths of Nottingham University, video games are actually a huge benefactor in helping children who are diagnosed with ADD. Video games help them master their problem-solving skills by becoming more attentive to instructions and details in the game.


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