10 Best 10 Year Anniversary Gifts

Your wedding anniversary is approaching and you are wondering what the 10 Best 10 Year Anniversary Gifts are. Tin and Aluminum products are the traditional 10th year anniversary gifts while diamond jewelry is the considered the modern present. The daffodil is the flower of the tenth anniversary and the colors of this special occasion are silver and blue. Today anniversary gifts go beyond the traditional; here are the 10 best 10 Year Anniversary Gifts:

  1. Diamonds Jewelry. Diamonds are the modern symbol of the 10th Wedding Anniversary. Diamond studded earrings, brooches, pins, rings and pendants would make lovely gifts for the ladies. For the men, consider diamond studded tie tacks, cuff links or a money clip.
  2. Tin and Aluminum. Tin and aluminum are the traditional symbols of the 10th Wedding Anniversary. Excellent gifts would be a tin, aluminum or pewter sculpture with a love theme; jewelry boxes, picture frames and candle holders in either silver or blue are appropriate gifts.
  3. Renew Your Wedding Vows. Your marriage has lasted ten years and you’re relationship is strong, consider renewing your wedding vows. Renewing your vows is a public affirmation of the love a couple shares. Renewing your vows is a gift for the soul.
  4. Create a Photo Collage. Be creative and make a photo collage of the ten years of your marriage; use a blue and silver picture frame. The collage will be a splendid reminder of the good times you have shared and your commitment to one another. Guests to your home will also admire the collage.
  5. Digital Photo Frame. The idea of the Digital Photo Frame is similar to the Photo Collage. Load those fond memories captured in pictures of your life together into a Digital Photo Frame. Proudly display the frame to remind you of those cherished times you have shared, a heartwarming moment can live in the soul forever.
  6.  A Vacation or Weekend Away. Schedule a vacation or a weekend away around your anniversary date. Take a cruise or go on a quiet country getaway, this is a relaxing way to spend quality time together.
  7. Have a 10th Anniversary Party. Throw a party and invite the folks who were in your wedding party. Decorate in the 10th Anniversary colors silver and blue. In the music selection be sure to include your wedding song and tunes from that period.
  8. Relive Your First Date. How did you meet? What did you do on your first date? There was something special that occurred to attract you to each other, go and recreate the event. This will be an excellent reminder of the road that led to marriage and why your relationship has stood the test of time.
  9. A Simple Dinner for Two. Go out to one of your favorite restaurants and enjoy a quiet dinner. True anniversary gifts are in the heart and if your love is strong simply spending time together should be enjoyable.
  10. Flowers. Flowers have a way of saying “I Love You” on many occasions. The daffodil is the floral symbol of the 10th Wedding Anniversary. An arrangement of daffodils in an aluminum or tin vase would be a splendid 10th Wedding Anniversary gift.
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