10 Best 10 Year Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

The ten best ten-year wedding anniversary gift ideas include presents requiring you to spend big bucks and a few ideas that are totally free. With the modern rate for divorce in the United States, making it to the ten-year anniversary is a time for major celebration. It means the couple made it through the first few years of marriage and the "seven-year itch," and now is headed for the cruise-control mode. Whether you are part of the couple or a friend or family member wishing to help the couple recognize this achievement, there are a number of appropriate ten-year wedding anniversary gifts listed below.

  1. Case of beer. Aluminum is one of the traditional ten-year anniversary gift ideas. If you're at your ten-year anniversary under duress, imply go to the store and buy your significant other a case of beer in aluminum cans and explain the meaning. If your significant other complains about the gift, explain that aluminum is a traditional gift.
  2. Diamond ring. The modern gift list also suggests diamonds as an appropriate gift for the ten-year anniversary mark. There are many jewelry gift ideas that incorporate diamonds. An eternity ring is always nice and a bracelet full of sparklers won't be turned away either. If you're stumped for diamond ideas and have limited funds, take a trip to the jewelry store and ask for some ideas of eye candy in your price range. 
  3. Romantic trip. It's not aluminum and has nothing to do with stone diamonds, but a trip to see the sparking diamonds in the water at a lake or the ocean is a fine gift for a couple celebrating a ten-year anniversary. Add a small diamond sparkler at the hotel to meet your gift requirement. 
  4. Aluminum keepsake box. A metal box with space for wedding and married life memories also makes for a nice gift. Add some photos of each year of your marriage to show you pay attention to details. 
  5. Formal portrait. Arrange for a formal portrait of the couple to be painted by a local artist. Spring for a frame so the portrait can be properly displayed.
  6. Photograph. If oil or water color paint is not your art style, arrange for a local photographer to take some photos in a formal or relaxed setting. Add an aluminum frame and you've met the old anniversary suggestion list. 
  7. Road trip reminder of your dating years. Take a road trip that stops at all the places you used to go before you were married. If you were married in a love-at-first site arrangement, proceed to the next suggestion.
  8. Road trip reminder of your first ten-years together. Obviously, you can't go everywhere, but select a special place from each year of your marriage and either drive by or visit the location. 
  9. Picnic lunch at your favorite couple place. Pack a picnic lunch or pay a catering service to put together a mini feast and head out to a favorite place you go to as a couple. If you don't have one, select one that will be your favorite location from now on. 
  10. A new car. Everyone likes a new car. Make sure it is constructed with a large percentage of aluminum and you'll fit right in with the old school anniversary gift-giving list.
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