10 Best 1st Year Anniversary Gifts

If your one year anniversary is coming up, learn about 10 best 1st year anniversary gifts. The most important part of your one year anniversary is that you don't forget it. Whatever you get her, you should demonstrate that you put some time into thinking about what to buy and or make for her. Here are 10 best 1st year anniversary gifts:

  1. Jewelry. While not every single woman likes to wear jewelry, most do. Jewelry is a classic one year anniversary gift; you really can't go wrong with this kind of a purchase (especially if it is from somewhere like Tiffany&Co.). If you lack confidence about choosing the right piece of jewelry, surprise your spouse by taking her to her favorite jewelry store and letting her chose an item.
  2. Vacation. For a first anniversary, many couples like to go back to where they had their wedding (if it was at a vineyard or beach). Take your spouse on a romantic getaway. If it is not practical to return to the place where you were married, go some place where you guys can spend time alone with each other.
  3. Tickets. Think about your spouses interests and hobbies. Does she like music or the theatre? Surprise her by purchasing tickets for the two of you to her favorite band or her favorite play (bonus points if you dislike her favorite band but are going anyway).
  4. Photos. You could frame a photo of the two of you(bonus points if you make the frame). You could also take some of your wedding photos and compile them into a collage or something like a calendar or blanket. Get creative.
  5. Personalized Book. If she is into reading, you could give her a book for your first anniversary and write a thoughtful dedication in cover. You could also get her a customized "book" like the "Reasons Why I Love You" book. These kinds of books allow you to customize and print whatever you want on each page. These books are thoughtful and affordable.
  6. Lingerie. Okay, lingerie might be more of a gift for you than her, but it can still be a best anniversary gift. Many women enjoy receiving sexy lingerie. Most women like Victoria's Secret or Calvin Klein.
  7. Portable mp3 player. If she doesn't already have one, get her a portable mp3 player for your first anniversary gift. Customize it by making special playlists for her. Put songs from your wedding on the mp3 player or put songs on it that remind you of her.
  8. Coupons. Coupons are a great first anniversary present that you can afford. This won't work for every woman, so think about her personality. Think about a coupon (or coupons) you could give your spouse that she would really appreciate. Think about things she is always asking you to do (e.g. the dishes, laundry, mowing the lawn). Give her a month long coupon to redeem. Just make sure you follow through.
  9. Cook. You don't have to spend a lot of money to get your spouse a great one year anniversary gift. Your gift can be as simple as cooking her dinner (especially if she is the one who primarily does the cooking). Surprise your spouse by cooking her her favorite breakfast or dinner. You could also pack a picnic lunch and take it to a park.
  10. Paper. It is a tradition to give paper as a fist year anniversary gift. Write your spouse a letter or a poem (if you want to get really creative). Tell her why you love her and use examples. You can make your own paper or paint a designs onto a piece of paper. Framing your letter or poem is also a nice touch.
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