10 Best 2 Year Anniversary Gift Ideas

Need to know the 10 best 2 year anniversary gift ideas? After two years together, your lady will be expecting a very special gift on your anniversary. Use the below anniversary gift ideas to buy her a special gift she will never forget.

  1. Relive when you first met. Take her back to the place your first met. If you met at a bar, take her back to the same bar and use the same pick up line. If your first date was a blind date, arrange to meet each other at the table where you first met. Order the same food and try to remember your first conversation, minus awkward silences. Reminisce about how well you know each other now and how much your lives have changed over the past two years.
  2. Jewelry. If you haven’t already popped the question, now might be a good time. If you’re not at that stage in your relationship you could buy her another nice piece of jewelry. Classic necklaces and diamond earrings are always a good choice.
  3. High thread count sheets. Nothing it more luxurious then sleeping on high thread count cotton sheets. Celebrate your “Cotton Anniversary” with a nice set of Egyptian cotton sheets. If you don’t know what to look for ask a female friend. She’ll be able to explain how to buy a good quality set.
  4. Photobook or Video. Head to the local drug store to make your sweetie a photobook or photo video. If you’ve recently gone on a vacation, you could make a travel themed book. Or include photos of your children and pets for a family themed book. Women love to relive good memories and see photos of their family doing happy things together. 
  5. Tropical island time. Book a vacation to a tropical island for some rest and relaxation. If she’s not the beach type, you could book an Alaska cruise or an adventure weekend of hiking. Where you go doesn’t matter, but the time you spend together does. Make her feel extra special and devote all of your attention to her for a week.
  6. Of the month club. Put together your own version of the “of the month club”. If she loves organic chocolate, but her several bars each month for a year. If she’s a wine connoisseur buy one nice bottle each month of the year. Make sure to include a card each month explaining why you chose the bottle you chose and write her how much you love her.
  7. Treasure hunt. Put together a treasure hunt leading up to a big gift. Leave little notes around the house asking her to go to different locations and find additional notes. An iPod or iPad with a photo of the two of you as the screen saver would be a pretty sweet treasure.
  8. Couples massage. If you’ve never had one together, now would be a perfect time. Most spas offer couples massages in which two masseuses massage both of you at the same time in the same room. This is a great way to break into the world of therapeutic massage together while learning new massage techniques.
  9. A puppy. If your girlfriend has been asking for a puppy for two years, it’s about time you oblige. If you have enough time to care for Fido, then a cute little puppy with a red bow around his neck might be the perfect gift. Adopt your new best friend from a local shelter.
  10. Cotton robe and slippers. Since the second anniversary is the “cotton anniversary” you could buy your special lady a luxurious organic cotton robe. For additional flair you could have the robe monogrammed with her favorite color thread. Gift certificate to the spa is optional.

With these year anniversary gift ideas you're guaranteed to have a happy girlfriend/wife. A two year anniversary only happens once. So make sure that you think carefully about the things that your lady enjoys and incorporate those things into the big day.

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