10 Best 2007 Summer Movies

The 10 best 2007 summer movies are not just memorable movies that came out during the summer of 2007. They're also movies that have summer written all over them. They're films with action, comedy or preferably, both. They're the sort of movies that help make you forget the outside. They may even cause you to forget all your problems for a few hours.

  1. "The Transformers" — When in doubt, base your movie on a child's toy. At least you'll get the kid audience. This 2007 summer movie was a blockbuster — with both kids and adults.
  2. "Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix" — Another way to get summer magic is to incorporate a whole lot of magic action into a film. Harry Potter had moviegoers under his spell during the summer of 2007.
  3. "The Bourne Ultimatum" — Oh, we do love when someone's on the run. "The Bourne Ultimatum" had the most 2007 summer movie action.
  4. "Ratatouille" — Rats in the kitchen is usually a situation that requires an exterminator. Except when they're cute, animated little beasties. This film made us fall in love with those little rodents.
  5. "The Simpsons" — Some were skeptical when a 2007 Simpsons movie was released. After all, isn't that something everyone can watch on TV for free? Well, the film turned out great and got real life Homer Simpsons to get out of their comfortable chairs and out to the theaters.
  6. "Knocked Up" – Summer is supposed to be a season for fun, without consequences. But what if a one night stand turns into a pregnant girl at your door? Well, in this 2007 movie case, the laughs outweigh the tears in this 2007 comedy.
  7. "Rush Hour 3" — For this third edition of the series, Chris Tucker and Jackie Chan find themselves in France. Yes, they must even have a rush hour in Paris.
  8. "Live Free or Die Hard" — Internet terrorism drives the plot of this 2007 summer film. If you really want to shut down the United States, the internet is a fine place to start.
  9. "Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer" — What a shock it was during the summer of 2007 for the Fantastic Four to discover they weren't the only superhero team in the universe.
  10. "Superbad" — Can young high school students suffer from separation anxiety? This 2007 summer film certainly speculates that they can.



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