10 Best 2009 Mid-sized Sedans

The 10 best 2009 mid-sized sedans can keep your family safe. Mid-sized sedans are some of the most sought after cars because they offer versatility for those with a family as well as sleek sporty styles. The cars on this list are rated the top of the mid-sized sedan class because of their performance, comfort and high ratings.

  1. Mazda's Mazda6 is one of the top rated mid-sized sedans of 2009. Not only does this midsize offer roomy cabin space, large trunk and decent fuel economy it also offers a sporty exterior, V6 performance and sporty handling. The Mazda6 is one of the best mid-sized sedans because it offers a great family car with a fun sporty touch still.
  2. Hyundai Sonata. Though touting a new interior style and serious improvements to their four and six cylinder engines, their V6 engine still leaves something to be desired compared to competitors. They do still offer a great warranty, comfortable ride as well as a spacious interior.
  3. Chevy Malibu's have always been a long time best in the mid-sized sedan category and in 2009 they only improved their ratings. They have strongly increased their safety features by offering stability control as a standard feature in all of their vehicles. The Chevy Malibu does still offer its same stable ride and handling, comfortable interior with roomy seats and large cabin. Their V6 also is one of the best performing engines in the mid-sized sedan market.
  4. In 2009 Nissan Altima is one of the best mid-sized sedans due to their ability to look sleek and stylish. The Altima is a sporty style sedan it does offer responsive steering, high quality engines, exceptionally stylish inside and out, but that does also include a smaller cabin space. They do not have the best reviews for rear seat comfort.
  5. Honda has always been a top in all car categories but the 2009 Accord is not staying as strong in the mid-sized sedan category as some of the previously listed cars. While the Accord does still offer a roomy cabin space, high quality interior and a great resale value it has began to look some of its headway in the overall performance and comfort of the vehicle.
  6. While Toyota Camry markets itself as the best selling mid-sized sedan in 2009 it wasn't topping the charts as much as they would desire. While most of the mid-sized sedans pushed the bar up the 2009 Toyota Camry didn't make any significant changes. The Camry does still offer a spacious cabin, comfort in the ride, great resale value, fantastic crash test scores and decent fuel efficient V6.
  7. Mid-sized Sedans is welcoming with pretty open arms the 2009 Ford Fusion into their best category. The Ford Fusion is a great mid-sized sedan for the person who likes all of the fancy features like; sync options for MP3 player and cell phone, sporty handling, smooth ride, roomy interior and all-wheel drive. However, they also do not have the best power performance on their engines.
  8. Dodge Avenger is one of 2009's best mid-sized sedans because of his spacious and fuel-efficient. The Dodge Avenger also offers solid performance and above average fuel economy. The Avenger falls short with a small trunk, low-grade interior, and noisy four-cylinder engine.
  9. While this may surprise some of you the 2009 Kia Optima is now one of the best mid-sized sedans and is strongly recommended. The Kia Optima offers excellent crash scores, spacious cabin, great warranty and a variety of features at a low price. The V6 version does leave more performance to be desired.
  10. In 2009 the Mitsubishi Galant changed quite a bit of things that it has to offer to make it to the best mid-sized sedan list. The Galant changed the exterior of the car quite a bit giving it a much more sleek look. It also adds sportier looks to some of its models. The Mitsubishi Galant offers a great V6 performance and quality handling and a comfortable interior. It does fall short with the inability to fold the rear seat, small cabin stage and requires premium fuel.
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