10 Best 2009 Motocross Bikes

Made to grind dirt into mud, to scale boulders at a glance, to handle anything the ground can throw at them, these are the 10 Best 2009 Motocross Bikes. Why 2009? Racing times were faster, technology took a giant leap forward, and the economy drove innovations. The bikes listed below not only rose to those challenges, but maxed them out to produce a bike that anyone would be proud to still own.

  1. Honda CBR1000RR  This one takes a top spot because it is a good all-round sports bike. It held up its end of the bargain making it one of the best 2009 Motocross Bikes against formidable opponents of Motocross Bikes on the racetrack, including Ducati and the Big Japanese 4.
  2. Triumph’s Street Triple R  Looks. Class. Power. Triumph’s Street Triple R handles. It has not been modified too much from its racetrack chassis so that not only looks powerful, it sounds impressive. The twin mufflers add a touch of old school to the bike, making it truly look like a classic, without the classic price tag.
  3. Kawasaki KX450F  Easy. That one word sums up the Kawasaki KX450F. There’s no doubt that it’s powerful and ready to go, but it’s also easy on your body, with a minimum of jolt and jerk of the other Motocross Bikes.
  4. Big Dog Wolf  Aside from the name being awesome, the Big Dog Wolf garners a spot on the list because it is a factory bike that looks like a custom. Sporting a 121 cubic-inch X-Wedge engine, this bike also manages to meet the EPA standards in almost all of the states in the US. A very ‘macho’ bike and one of the Best 2009 Motocross Bikes
  5. BMW K1300GT  This is a great bike for touring on. For those cycling enthusiasts that like to put a lot of miles on their bikes, then this is it. Winning a top spot on the list, this bike combines the kick of a racing bike, but the rider doesn’t feel as if he’s been kicked after riding it for a long distance.
  6. Husaberg FE 450  Wanna play in the dirt? This is the bike built for mud. This Motocross Bikes wins a spot on the list because of its ability to handle off road terrain with little to no trouble. Part of what makes it so appealing is the fact that the designers created a tilted cylinder that allows the ends to pivot around it without throwing it off balance, even on uneven grounds.
  7. KLX250S  Some will probably argue that this bike looks like a plain cousin to the other bikes, but that’s why it deserves a spot on the list. It’s affordable, rides well, without losing anything in the size department. This is the smallest street legal Motocross Bikes motorcycle Kawasaki produces.
  8. BMW F800GS  The reason this is on the top 10 list is because this bike is a work horse. Air shocks, 17/21 inch tire combination, and lots of off road ability are some of the reasons we love this bike. Also, in comparison to many makes and models there are numerous upgrades available to owners.
  9. TTXGP Electric  This bike is just cool. It’s electric, it’s sleek, and it’s fast. With innovation spurring faster Motocross Bikes with little or no dependence on fossil fuels, this little motorcycle can scoot. This one is included in the top ten because it broke all the stereotypes for electric bikes earning it a spot on the Best 2009 Motocross Bikes list.
  10. Honda CRF450R This bike made the list because it is an undisputed favorite of weekend warriors. The bike can go from the street to the dirt without blinking. 450 power, EFI configs, and fuel metering make it the ride of choice for suburbanites.

Maybe it was the economy, maybe not, but it seemed for a while that Motocross Bikes were losing ground, not only in sales, but in popularity. We’re glad it didn’t last. The bikes that were invented due to the demand for better performance and endurance were met, creating cycles that were fit to be placed on the 10 Best 2009 Motocross Bikes list.

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