10 Best 2nd Date Ideas

Second date are sometimes more nerve wracking than first dates; this is why a list of 10 best 2nd date ideas can certainly come in handy. You see, on a first date there really is limited expectation. Neither party knows what to expect. It is basically just a meet and greet type of deal. The second date then becomes more important. You need to show your date that you are willing to make an effort to impress her. Do not fret, if you need a little help, take a look at this list of great second date ideas.

  1. Shoot some pool. Second dates are all about creating a bond. Shooting pool can be a great activity. The two of you are close in enough proximity that you can speak without having to yell, yet you have something to focus on during those awkward moments of silence. 
  2. Peruse a museum. Hey, who said you were not sophisticated? Taking your date to an art museum or museum of natural history is a great way to learn something new together. 
  3. Throw a ball down the alley. Putting on used shoes may not be the most romantic gesture, but it is a great way to stimulate many laughs.
  4. Take in a ball game. Second dates are an opportune time to introduce your passions into a relationship. So, if you have a favorite sport, take her to the game. This works especially well if she knows little about the sport. It gives you the chance to teach her something new. 
  5. Get take out and rent a movie. Chances are that the reason you landed the second date is because you put a lot of time and effort into the first date. If this is the case, consider planning a simple evening. Get some take out, rent a movie, and maybe crack that bottle of wine. 
  6. Go to the zoo. Zoos can be a lot of fun, and guess what? You will probably be the only person who has ever taken her to one on a date. So if you want to be unique and creative, take her to see the elephants. 
  7. Drive in to the movies. Going to the movies early in the relationship is generally a cop out. However, the drive-in is a different story. Who doesn’t like watching a film from the front seat of their car? 
  8. Check out the concert in the park. Look for local events like a concert in the park or art festival. Pack a picnic and a blanket and have some fun. 
  9. Grab a cup of Joe. The coffee shop date is perfect for second dates. It gives you an opportunity to just sit back, have a low-key conversation, and bond. 
  10. Have a game night. Show off your competitive side. Invite her over for a fun game night. It can be just the two of you, or with a group of friends. 
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