10 Best 3 Year Anniversary Gift Ideas

 Are you looking for the 10 best 3 year anniversary gift ideas? Maybe your anniversary is tomorrow and you waited until the last minute, or perhaps you just want to be prepared in advanced, either way, we've got you covered. A 3rd anniversary is a very special occasion for you and your mate, and the 3 year anniversary gift should be perfect in every way. Below are the 10 best 3 year anniversary gift ideas for all types of people and personalities.

  1. A bouquet of crystal roses. Real roses are always beautiful and smell lovely, but they never last long. Giving your partner a bouquet of roses that never dies is the perfect way to say, "I love you." Beautiful crystal roses are sure to make a lasting impression on your sweetheart, and they'll be a gift that she can hold on to forever. 
  2. Engraved leather travel kit. Whether you are looking for a 3 year anniversary gift for a man or woman, this gift is perfect for those looking for something they can give that will last a long time and make a statement. A leather travel kit is great for short or long trips away from home, and you can engrave a sweet little message on it as well to surprise your loved one. 
  3. A message in a bottle. For the romantic ones out there, this is the perfect 3 year anniversary gift. There is nothing more amorous than receiving a special note inside of a bottle on your anniversary. Choosing a beautiful glass or crystal bottle will make this gift idea even more memorable and special. 
  4. A CD of both of your favorite songs. This unique 3 year anniversary gift idea is both meaningful and inexpensive. Creating a one-of-a-kind collection of both yours and your mate's favorite songs will show your sweetie that you really love him or her. Ideas for songs can include the song that was playing on your very first date, or your wedding song. Get creative with this fun gift. 
  5. Wine-tasting gift set. If you and your loved one enjoy tasting and sampling new and different types of wine, then this is the perfect anniversary gift. Wine-tasting gift sets come in a variety of categories and flavors, and it will not be hard to find one that suits you and your partner's needs.
  6. Tower of treats. If your spouse has a sweet tooth, then consider giving him or her a tower of treats on your 3rd anniversary. This unique gift can be created by simply stacking pretty gift boxes of candies, cookies, chocolates, and any other delectable treat you can think of. To make the tower more presentable, gift wrap all the boxes in the same paper and top it with a big bow. 
  7. Diamond initial necklace. If you are looking to spend a considerable amount of money on your 3 year anniversary, buying a diamond initial necklace for your partner can be the perfect gift. Diamonds are a girl's best friend, after all. 
  8. Anniversary Scrapbook. This is one of the most personal gifts on the list, as a scrapbook contains pictures and memories that are close to you and your loved one's heart. Show your partner you really care by making a memory that will last a lifetime on your 3 year anniversary. 
  9. His and Hers engraved pillowcases. What better way to show your love than to create matching pillowcases? Personally engrave each pillowcase to say exactly what you want to say to your sweetheart, and they'll love you forever. 
  10. A luxurious day at the spa. Whether your mate is a man or woman, he or she will definitely enjoy a relaxing and luxurious day at the spa. What could be more perfect for a 3 year anniversary than a deep massage and relaxing facial? Most spas offer gift cards just for this kind of special occasion. 


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