10 Best 5 Year Anniversary Gift Ideas

Finding the right anniversary gift can be difficult, but very important.  At the five year mark, a marriage is still new enough to make the gift choice vital, but settled enough to make a less than perfect gift a minor infraction. To avoid any problems, here are the ten best five year anniversary gifts. These gifts are a mix of timeless ideas, and more modern anniversary gifts. If the only gift you have planned is a gift card to her favorite restaurant, or something you really like such as tickets to your favorite sports team, then these five year anniversary gift ideas will come in handy for you.

  1. Wooden roses. It’s hard to find a gift for a woman made out of wood that she would really love, however, since the five year anniversary gift is wood, you should at least try. Wooden roses are the perfect mix of tradition, beauty and timelessness. They come in many beautiful colors and are hand crafted. The best thing about these roses is that unlike real roses, they never wilt, so she will have a gift that lasts for years and years. 
  2. Jewelry. Jewelry is always a winner as a five year anniversary gift. If you want to put a traditional twist on this wonderful gift, consider wooden jewelry like bangles, bracelets or necklaces. She will most likely be the only one of her friends with such a unique piece. 
  3. Vacation. Surprise her with a vacation to a place she's always wanted to go, or to her favorite vacation spot. If you don’t vacation often this will be a great surprise, and even if you do, she will still enjoy a romantic anniversary getaway.
  4. Expensive item of clothing. Has she been eyeing a pair of shoes lately but they don’t quite fit into the budget? Use your five year anniversary as the perfect time to make the purchase.
  5. Fur coat. Fur coats are one of the most coveted women’s fashion items. Most women long for one, surprise your wife with a beautiful fur coat for your five year anniversary, even if the anniversary is not during cold weather, she will have something to look forward to.
  6. A cruise. A cruise is the perfect five year anniversary gift, if you want a secluded getaway for you and your wife. There are so many places you can see during the cruise, and it will be a nice experience for the two of you,
  7. Flowers. Flowers seem underrated but if you buy her favorite flower, or an exotic bouquet she will be pleasantly surprised.
  8. Dinner. Don’t just take her to the corner pancake house. Take your wife to the first restaurant you ever went to and re create your first date. Or take her to an expensive restaurant you don’t usually go to.
  9. A home spa night. Run her a hot bath and let her soak in the bubbles. When she gets out give her a full body massage. Make sure you keep the atmosphere romantic with rose petals, candles and champagne.
  10. Lavish gift basket. Gift baskets usually seem cheap, but yours doesn’t have to be. You can either find an expensive one with her favorite thing, maybe chocolate, or you can have one specially made for her.  
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