10 Best 5 Year Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

Have a five-year anniversary coming up and need to know the 10 best 5-year wedding anniversary gift ideas? If your five-year anniversary is quickly approaching, you need to start preparing your gifts right away. Use these five-year anniversary gift ideas to give your special lady something she will never forget.

  1. Wooden jewelry box. The five-year anniversary gift has traditionally been something made of wood. In keeping with that theme, a handcrafted wooden jewelry box would be a lovely gift. The jewelry inside the box, of course, is optional depending on your budget.
  2. Visit Hollywood. Take a trip to California to visit Hollywood. If California is out of your budget, you could take another trip to another “wood-named" town or city. Write a little card explaining why you chose the vacation location.
  3. Five-star meal. It’s your five-year anniversary, so take your wife to a five-star restaurant. If you don’t have a particular restaurant in mind, you can check out the reviews and ratings online. It may be a little pricey, but five years together is a big milestone, right?
  4. Five mini gifts. Buy your wife five mini gifts instead of one big gift. Those five mini gifts could be a combination of her favorite things. Chocolate, wine, flowers and gifts related to her hobbies would be nice choices.
  5. Rent a cabin in the woods. Rent a little cabin or luxurious log home in the woods. Maine and Vermont both have particularly beautiful foliage in the fall. If your anniversary is in the summer, try to find a cabin on a pond.
  6. Electronics. Don’t underestimate your wife’s interest in new electronics. If there’s a gadget she’s always wanted, buy it. Check out cell phones, e-readers, computers, televisions, etc. It might not be super sentimental, but if it’s something that she’ll use and enjoy, it’s a great gift.
  7. Five-stone ring. Most of the major commercial jewelers make a very pretty five-stone diamond band. Make sure you buy the same color gold she currently wears. A white gold band on one hand and yellow gold band on the other is a horrible fashion faux pas.
  8. Two bottles of five-year-old wine. Drink one bottle and write a note that the other bottle should be kept to be drink on your tenth anniversary. Women love sentimental gifts that show a long-term commitment to your future as a couple.
  9. Five-star hotel. Same premise as the five-star meal above. If you’re feeling particularly generous, you could combine gifts number three and nine for a very special anniversary weekend. What woman doesn’t like to be taken away for a luxurious five-star weekend?
  10. Family portrait session. Women love having photos of their family in the house. Book a session with a local photographer and take as many photos as she’d like. Don’t forget to have them framed or made into a special photobook for the coffee table.

A five-year anniversary is a big anniversary and should be treated as such. Don’t wait until the last minute to find that perfect gift. Use these five-year wedding anniversary gift ideas to buy your mate something she will love.



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