10 Best 7 Seater Cars

When you need a car that will have room for the whole family, the 10 Best 7 Seater Cars list can help you make a decision. When you plan to have a lot of people in the vehicle, only holding five people can be a problem. With these ten cars, they seat at least seven people. This can help make your transportation more relaxing and calm.

  1. Honda Pilot. The 2011 Honda Pilot holds up to eight people. This car is one of the best seven seater cars. It has a glass hatch that can open. It is convenient with a satellite navigation system and hands free blue tooth system. This car is known for its safety.
  2. Chevy Traverse. With the third row seating, this crossover vehicle is known for being one of the best seven seaters of all time. It holds up to eight people. This vehicle is equipped with six airbags for your safety. It gets great gas mileage and has plenty of cargo space.
  3. Toyota Highlander. This vehicle fits perfect when you are looking for a great seven seater car. This vehicle sits seven comfortably. It has blue tooth technology installed. It also has a high safety rating. You can not beat the features this vehicle offers.
  4. Dodge Caravan. If you want a minivan that will sit plenty of people, this seven seater is perfect for you. This vehicle has three rows of seating. It is equipped with all power seats, windows and doors. It has the keyless entry as well.
  5. Chrysler Town and Country. In minivans, this one is very popular. With a second and third row seating, you can fit your entire family in this van. It is extremely safe and high in the safety ratings. It has a media center that will help keep your family calm as you travel.
  6. Honda Odyssey. You will enjoy the convenience of this seven seater car. It has three rows of seats to fit your family. It has a tri- zone climate control, to make sure everyone feels comfortable. This vehicle is equipped with power sliding doors as well.
  7. Toyota Sienna. The Toyota Sienna Se Minivan has become very popular in seven seat seekers. This van comes with a safe peace of mind when driving it. You can enjoy the sliding doors that will accompany eight passengers. You will also enjoy the TriZone Air, to keep everyone the right temperature.
  8. Chevrolet Tahoe. The Tahoe is a large Sports Utility Vehicle. It seats up to nine passengers. It has up to 108 cubic feet of cargo space available. This SUV is known for being fuel efficient.
  9. Ford Expedition. When you purchase this seven seater car, you will enjoy the peace of mind when driving it. It has power sliding doors available. There are three different rows of seats available.
  10. Toyota Sequoia. Toyota has held a few spots in the best seven seater cars list. This car is equipped to haul up to seven people. It has a third row seat. It has a second and third row seating window shade to keep the sun from blinding your family. You can also enjoy the sixteen cup holders available in this car.
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