10 Best 70’s Rock Bands

The 1970's were a great decade for music, and these are the 10 best 70's rock bands.

  1. Rolling Stones. Though they were founded much earlier, the Rolling Stones really hit their peek in the 1970's with such albums as “Exile on Main Street.” For this reason, they top our list of the best 70's rock bands.
  2. The Stooges. Inspired by the Doors, Iggy Pop and Co. took things way farther when they started the Stooges, contributing to the emergence of hard rock and punk.
  3. The Sex Pistols. Often called the first punk band of all time, the Sex Pistols’ short-lived spark nevertheless deserves a place on any list of the best 70's rock bands.
  4. The Ramones. 1-2-3-4! Though the Sex Pistols are often credited for inventing punk, the fact is that the Ramones were there before.
  5. The Runaways. The Runaways are single-handedly responsible for proving to the world that girls can rock out just as hard as guys can, and for that reason, they’re one of the best 70's rock bands.
  6. Lou Reed. After breaking up with the Velvet Underground, Lou Reed would go on to record his most memorable material throughout the decade.
  7. David Bowie. David Bowie’s reign throughout the 1970's saw this multi-faceted artist contribute to the invention of glam rock while shocking fans throughout the world for his wild, decadent off-stage antics.
  8. AC/DC. AC/DC started out in 1973 with original singer Bon Scott, recording some of their most famous materials during these years. Their sound continues to be rooted in this decade, making them one of the best 70's rock bands of all time.
  9. New York Dolls. Pioneers of glam rock, drag, and punk, the New York Dolls created such awesome tracks as “Personality Crisis” and “Trash” that still sound fresh today.
  10. KISS. One of the greatest hard rock acts of all time, KISS rounds out our list of the best 70's rock bands.
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