10 Best 80’s Hard Rock Songs

Rock in the 80's was full of hair bands and power ballads, and the 10 best 80's hard rock songs won't disappoint. There are many different categories of rock from this era including heavy metal, hair metal, and hardcore rock. These are just a small sample of what rock in the 80's was about.

  1. "Hell's Bell's" – This is one of the all time classic songs of the 80's hard rock era. AC/DC was at it's peak during this time frame and the performance of this classic by Brian Johnson is worth a high spot on this list.
  2. "Rock You Like a Hurricane" – The Scorpions had quite a few rock songs in the 80's, but this song had the hard beat and great lyrics. You can't help but bang your head like a rocker when you listen to this song.
  3. "Nothin But a Good Time" – Say what you want about Poison, but this hard rock song of the 80's was one of their biggest hits, and one of the biggest hits of the 80's. It climbed the charts quickly and became the party anthem for partiers everywhere.
  4. "One" Metallica is the band that made hard rock more widely accepted by a broader audience. "One" gives its listeners the dark lyrics expected from Metallica, but easy enough to listen to for the rest of the population.
  5. "Hallowed Be Thy Name" One of the releases from Iron Maiden's 1982 album "The Number of the Beast" "Hallowed Be Thy Name has some great vocals and incredible guitar riffs.
  6. "Dr. Feelgood" There can not be a list of 80's hard rock songs that does not include something from Motley Crue. A song about a drug dealer, "Dr. Feelgood" was their best selling single of all time.
  7. "Welcome To the Jungle" Guns N Roses could be called more of a mainstream hard rock group, but their song "Welcome To the Jungle" became the anthem for many sporting events and is still used today.
  8. "Raining Blood" Slayer became one of the major forces in the hard rock genre because of their ability to play songs where you could hear not only the music, but the lyrics as well. They were known for this song and played it at every show.
  9. "Into the Fire" Dokken was known for their power ballads and sappy lyrics. The reason they are on this list is because of their guitarist George Lynch. He was unbeatable in his riffs and his solo put this song at the top.
  10. "Ace of Spades" The title track to Motorhead's album Ace of Spades, this song comes at it's listeners with a ferocity like no other hard rock song of the 80's. Hard rock does not get much harder than this.
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