10 Best 80’s Punk Rock Songs

The 10 best 80's punk rock songs are a hard find, as there were many punk bands in the 80's and some of the best of them were pretty obscure. In an attempt to give people something they have already heard of though, this list is not full of obscure bands, but of ones that everyone has heard of at some time or another. Obscure or not, these are some great punk rock songs.

  1. Black Flag got their start in the late 70's, as many punk bands did. They made a name for themselves with songs like “Rise Above” that had punk kids everywhere going crazy.
  2. The first punk song of the 80's by the Ramones is “Psycho Therapy.” Just the beat of this song gets people going crazy. Maybe it is the song itself that makes people need psycho therapy!
  3. The Ramones are back again with “The KKK Took My Baby Away.” This is one of the most memorable songs by the Ramones and it has a kind of classic “oldies” sound to it too.
  4. The Sex Pistols' “God Save The Queen” belongs on any and all best punk rock song lists. Though this song came out in '77 it still ruled the 80's punk rock music scene. The is no true fan of punk rock that did not love the Sex Pistols.
  5. And just like the last band, no punk rock collection is complete without the Misfits. “Teenagers From Mars” is one of there best songs, idolizing their style of horror punk. This song was available on the “Static Age” album.
  6. The Dead Kennedys pioneered the hardcore punk scene in the 80's. Their song “Holiday in Cambodia” is a favorite to many a punk rocker. It was released in 1980 through Alternative Tentacle Records. 
  7. The Clash are another great punk rock band that have two songs on this list of best 80's punk songs. The first song is “Should I Stay or Should I Go,” getting its place because of it's fun sound and popularity. Both of these songs were released on their“Combat Rock” album in 1982.
  8. Josie Cotton has been seen on VH-1's “One Hit Wonders” show for her song “Johnny, Are You Queer.” The song is a punk rock classic, but it was both loved and hated by punks at the time of it's release in 1982.
  9. Bad Religion's "We're Only Gonna Die" deserves it's place on the list of best 80's punk songs too. Punk rock has always gone against the grain and this band, and song, was no exception.
  10. “The Godmother of punk” finishes out this list of best 80's punk songs with her little rock tune titled “So You Want To Be A Rock N' Roll Star.” Patti Smith may not be thought of as a punk rocker to the layman, but she has definitely earned her place on this list! 
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