10 Best 80’s Rock Love Songs

Sure, the 80's were about hair metal and rock ballads, but it is not too hard to come up with 10 best 80's rock love songs either. Every 80's band had at least one love song during that decade, if not more than one. Picking out the top ten is surely a trick of weeding through all the bands and all the songs to find the ones that held the most meaning to any particular individual, which means this list may very greatly from any others!

  1. KISS started rocking in the 70's, but they kept on going and still rock hard. “Beth” would have been the first choice for the best 80's rock love songs, but it came out in '76, which makes their song “Forever” number one instead. “It's forever, this time I know and there's no doubt in my mind.”
  2. Swedish hard rock band Europe brought the rock love ballad “Carrie” in the 80's. This song may only work for someone who is in love with someone named Carrie, but, hey, it's still a great love song!
  3. Skid Row, which was led by the un-replacedable vocal sound of Sebastian Bach in the 80's comes in at number three for the best 80's rock love song. “I Remember You” still makes children of the 80's stand up and slow dance. If you do not love this song then you did not grow up in the 80's.
  4. Motley Crue was just what their name said, but their music was straight and to the point. Their love song “Without You” is full of love and powerful vocals. Many teen couples in the 80's called this “their song.”
  5. Poison captured the ears of everyone with their rock tunes in the 80's. Most of them were laced with sex, drugs and drinking. But, they had a few love songs too and one of the best was “Every Rose Has It's Thorn.” Love songs are not always about how great love works, sometimes they are about how much love hurts.
  6. Warrant brought classic love lyrics to the 80's with “Heaven.” This song is another best 80's love song because it's words expose feelings of real love. “Heaven isn't too far away, closer to it ever day.”
  7. No list of 80's love songs would be complete without Guns N' Roses “Sweet Child O' Mine.” Not only popular today as a karaoke song, it was once popular as an everything song. Not just some sappy love song, this song rocked it out.
  8. For sappy love songs though, Survivor's “The Search Is Over” would be at the top of the list. Survivor was great for their melodic love songs and this one takes the cake. It is definitely one of the best 80's love songs ever.
  9. Whitesnake made a name for themselves with the song “Here I Go Again,” but it is their love song “Is This Love” that makes this list. “Is this love that I'm feeling, is this the love that I've been searching for.”
  10. Van Halen ads gritty rock vocals to the final song on this list of best 80's love songs with their tune “When It's Love.” Why? Because when it's love you can feel it, and this song has that feeling!
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