10 Best 80’s Rock Stars

What makes someone one of the 10 best 80's rock stars is determination, great music and sometimes a little bit of craziness. These ten rockers, including a couple women too, because women can rock! The 80's was a time full of rock music and rock stars, but not everyone was the best and some of them were not even very memorable. These were all memorable.

  1. Ozzy Osbourne, singer of songs like "Bark At The Monn," tops the list of best 80's rock stars for antics like biting the head off of a bat and snorting ants up his nose through a straw. Every other word out of his mouth might start with an “f” and he may be unintelligible at time, but there is no doubt that he is one of the most memorable rockers of all time. Whether alone or with Black Sabbath, Ozzy tops the list of best rockers!
  2. Jon Bon Jovi had the best hair of the 80's, that's for sure, but he was also a pretty awesome rock star. Sure, he did not do all of the crazy stuff that some 80's stars did, but he did make some great music, from “You Give Love A Bad Name” to “Blaze of Glory.”
  3. Alice Cooper made the guillotine a standard on his live rock sets and he made black look good. Fans that have been lucky enough to see this shock rocker live probably walked away with some fake blood on their shirts if they stood anywhere near the front row of the show. Whether people loved 70's Cooper, the 80's sound, or his current music, Alice Cooper is definitely a best rock star of the 80's. Who does not love songs like "Teenage Frankenstein."
  4. Axl Rose was a trouble maker. He'd walk off stage at his 80's shows, he tell off fans. But that is why he was both loved and hated. Even with his bad attitude fans still bought up the bands music, especially their album "Appetite For Destruction," like candy.
  5. Brett Micheals still looks today like he did in the 80's, and the man can still belt out a tune. Poison lead singer Micheals was a rock God in his day. His glam rock hair and his great vocals put him on the list of best 80's rock stars. With poison he gave "Cherry Pie" a whole new meaning.
  6. The first female on the list is Lita Ford. When she teamed up with Ozzy for the rock duet “Close My Eyes Forever” those who did not already love her fell in love. This blond bombshell hard rocker made people believe that women really could be rock stars!
  7. Gene Simmons was the leader of the group KISS. KISS brought rock through many decades, with awesome songs like "War Machine". They started out in disguise in makeup, but when they finally revealed who they really were to their adoring fans it just made them even more popular. Gene is famed for having that creepily long tongue.
  8. David Lee Roth was the other lead singer of Van Halen, but even his independent music is worth a listen. Songs like “Yankee Rose,” “Just Like Paradise,” and “California Girls” are why Roth makes it on this best rock stars list.
  9. Joan Jett got her start with the chick band The Runaways. But she became a known name in the 80's when she and her band The Blackhearts made the song “I Love Rock N' Roll.” This rock star babe knows how to rock out with her cock out!
  10. Paul Stanley is the main vocalist for KISS, but he only makes it in later than Gene because Gene had more of a presence, with his blood spitting antics. The Starchild is the final best rock star of the 80's on this list because he knows how to belt out a tune, and he looked pretty sweet in make-up, and "Detroit Rock City" is an awesome song!!
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