10 Best 80’s Rock Videos

What makes these videos the 10 best 80's rock videos are a combination of visual storytelling, awesome music and bands that ruled the 80's. Videos from that decade were fun, wild and simple.

  1. The video for “House Of Pain” by Faster Pussycat tops this 80's videos list because of it's simplicity. The video follows a young boy missing his father. In the vein of most 80's music videos the band playing live takes up most of the time. Yet, even with a limited amount of story telling this video is still potent.
  2. “I Wanna Rock” by Twisted Sister takes the viewer into a classroom with the most evil teacher ever. The teacher gets what is coming to him though. Great clips of TS playing live are strewn throughout.
  3. “Band Your Head (Metal Health)” by rockers Quiet Riot made many teenagers wish they had a padded cell to go crazy in. This video gave Quiet Riot their name and is deserving of it's high place on the list of best 80's rock videos. 
  4. Britney Fox's video for their song “Girlschool” gave many 80's teenage boys wonderful, dirty dreams at night. Nothing beats a video full of rock stars, grinding guitars and girls in school uniforms.
  5. “If I Close My Eyes, “ a beautiful duet by Lita Ford and Ozzy Osbourne, exudes passion. It is simply a video of Lita and Ozzy singing, no story, just talent. The fading pictures make it something one can not take their eyes off of. Simple and effecting and one of the best.
  6. “One” by Metallica is a song that has touched many. It is dramatic, and it is on this list because of the visuals of war, family and pain that is exudes. This song and this video will always be the best work that Metallica has ever done.
  7. The video for “Girls, Girls, Girls” is full of motorcycles, alcohol and hot women. Motley Crue always know how to make a great video that catches everyone's eye and gives something good to look at. This video is all about what the song itself is about.
  8. A family is sitting at the table eating a fancy music, but up in the attic the band RATT is playing their loud, heavy music. With “Round and Round” RATT made a name for themselves as a great video band. And, of course, there is an appearance by some of the furry vermin themselves.
  9. Queensryche's video for “Empire” is dark and melodic, just like their music. Watching it almost makes a person feel like they are watching something happening in a dream. Drugs and rock n' roll make the world go around!
  10. Bon Jovi's “Wanted Dead or Alive” finishes of the best rock videos of the 80's. The simplicity of the video, in black and white, is what makes it perfect. It follows the guys on the road, giving a glimpse of the life rock stars experience on the road. Awesome. 
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