10 Best ’80s Singers

These are the ten best singers in the 80's. These lyrical geniuses had fans across the nation listening to every word they would sing. They ruled the 80's with an iron fist and here they are

  1. Madonna- You know her today as that woman who won't go away, but back in the 80's she was queen of the music scene. Madonna produced hits like "Into the groove" and "Borderline."
  2. Michael Jackson- Michael Jackson grew from little Michael to big Michael and in similar fashion his hits transformed into mega hits as well. Michael is still debated as the best ever, and with songs like "Beat It" and "Thriller," we are not going to be the ones to dispute it.
  3. Cyndi Lauper- Cyndi Lauper was a sex icon of the 80's and had a set of vocals to match her looks. She produced one of the best breakup songs with "Time After Time" and then hit us with one of the great party songs, "Girls Just Want to Have Fun."
  4. Axl Rose- Axl Rose led one of the greatest rock bands of the 80's, Guns N Roses. Paired with one of the most popular guitarist ever—Slash—Axl was untouchable as he led this group of misfit rockers.
  5. James Hetfield- James is a leader of on of the hardest rock bands of the 80's, Metallica. Metallica was a non-stop hit machine as they let out singles "Enter Sandman" and "One."
  6. Whitney Houston- Whitney Houston had one of the best vocal sets of the 80's. It is no question why she is cemented in history as one of the best 80's singers with hits like "So Emotional."
  7. Debbie Harry- You will most likely recognize her more under her stage nam,e Blondie. Blondie was played in every high school throughout the 80's and we cannot blame people for doing so.
  8. Kelly Hansen- Kelly was the leader of soft rock group Foreigner. Although this band was huge, Kelly never got enough credit. Behind his voice, this band was unstoppable, as they released popular songs consecutively.
  9. Steve Perry- Steve Perry was behind the juggernaut that was known as Journey. Behind Steve this band was simply unstoppable and had every listener in America wrapped around their every lyric
  10. Paula Abdul– Paula Abdul was idolized by millions of teenage girls girls as this edgy pop princess released her beloved single, "Straight up."
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