10 Best ’80s Song Ringtones

If you are searching for new ringtones for your cellphone, try one of the 10 best ‘80s song ringtones. The 1980s was an awesome era for music. Pretty much any song is now available to download as a ringtone to your phone. Be sure to follow the specific directions for downloading ringtones to the phone you have. Also be warned that many companies charge you to download a ringtone.

  1. “Fight for Your Right” (1986). Written by the Beastie Boys and off their album “Licensed to Ill," this was the party anthem of the ‘80s, and now every time you get a phone call you can remember that rebellious attitude you had way back when.
  2. “You Shook Me All Night Long” (1980). Written by AC/DC, this song is off the “Back in Black” album. This is one of the band's signature songs. It was so popular that it reappeared on their album “Who Made Who.” If you have a personal ringtone setting, you might want to be careful who you set this one for. You might think it’s the perfect one for your girlfriend, but she might not see the cleverness behind that.
  3. “Walking on Sunshine” (1985). This song is by Katrina and the Waves, off of their self-titled album. This song embodies the feel-good spirit of the ‘80s. Set it as your ringtone and let the good vibes roll.
  4. “Hit Me with Your Best Shot” (1980). Written by Pat Benatar, this song is off of her “Crimes of Passion” album. This is easily one of Benatar’s most recognizable songs. It sold over a million copies.
  5. “Love Shack” (1989). This song is by the B-52s, off their album “Cosmic Thing.” This was the band’s most popular song. It hit the Billboard Top 40 charts back when it was released. It’s another feel-good ‘80s song that might have people singing along when your phone rings.
  6. “Jane Says” (1988). This song by Jane’s Addiction is off of the album “Nothing Shocking.” Although this song is about drug addiction (not a new topic for an '80s song to cover), it’s still one of the band's most popular songs. In fact, this song is still so popular today that many people think it was released in the '90s.
  7. “With or Without You” (1987). U2 included this song on their album “The Joshua Tree.” This song was the band's most popular one for the year it was released. Try to avoid the temptation of using this song as the ringtone for the ex you might still be holding a torch for. It’s creepy.
  8. “Like a Virgin” (1984). This song is by Madonna and off of the album “Like a Virgin.” This is another '80s song that is still so widely popular that many people think it was released later than it was. Be warned that if you use this ringtone you might have the image of Madonna wearing the wedding dress she did in the video for this song every time your phone rings.
  9. “Hungry Like the Wolf” (1982). This song is by Duran Duran and off of the album “Rio.” This British band had a difficult time breaking into the U.S. market. Much of their popularity came when MTV put the video for this song in heavy rotation.
  10. “Whip It” (1980). This song is by Devo, off of the album “Freedom of Choice." You just can’t have a list of '80s ringtones without mentioning this song. Easily the band's most popular hit, it graced the Billboard Hot 100 chart at number fourteen at the height of its popularity.
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