10 Best ’80s Television Trivia Questions And Answers

The 1980s produced a countless number of great television shows, which is why you should know the 10 best '80s television trivia questions and answers. During this decade, sitcoms ruled the airways and evening dramas were beginning to push the limits of what was acceptable on prime time television. Find out how much you remember about this decade, by trying to answer these ten trivia questions about 1980 television shows. This article will not be held responsible if you get the sudden urge to grow a mullet and purchase a black Firebird.

  1. In a two-part "Family Ties" episode in 1985, where did the Keaton family go on vacation? The Keaton family travels to England, because Alex won a scholarship to Oxford University.
  2. Name all of Cliff and Claire's children on "The Cosby Show." Many children ran through the Huxtable home but only five were the children of Cliff and Claire; Sondra, Denise, Venessa, Theodore and Rudy.
  3. Michael Landon and Victor French co-starred on the popular television series "Highway to Heaven," on what other long running television series did they work on together? Both Michael Landon and Victor French played together on" Little House on the Prairie." Michael Landon starred as Charles Ingalls and Victor French played the lovable Isaiah Edwards.
  4. On "Knight Rider," what does the acronym KITT stand for? A little known piece of television trivia is that KITT actually stood for Knight Industries Two Thousand.
  5. What happened at the beginning of each "Hill Street Blues" episode? Each episode of this long running drama began with a roll call.
  6. What was the real name of the hospital everyone called "St. Elsewhere?" St. Eligius got it's nickname of St. Elsewhere because it was the place patients went when they could not afford a better, more well equipped, hospital.
  7. What is the name of the fictional planet where ALF is from? Alf was from a planet called Melmac.
  8. On the classic 1980s television sitcom the "Golden Girls," how much older was Sophia, played by Estelle Getty, than her onscreen daughter Dorthy played by Bea Arthur? A interesting piece of trivia about this pair, is that the mother Estelle was actually 15 and half months younger than Bea.
  9. On "Who's the Boss," the Character Tony Micelli played for what major league baseball team? Tony played for the St. Louise Cardinals before becoming Angela's housekeeper.
  10. Two lines from the "Charles in Charge" theme song say that Charles is in charge of what? The theme song states that Charles in in charge of our days and our nights, our wrongs and our rights.

If you were able to answer more than half of these questions about 1980s television trivia correctly, then great job you really know your '80s television! If not then catch up on some of theses classic television series as they air as reruns, all over the country.


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